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Well, it’s official!  It’s a…




BOY!  We are so thrilled!  Although Kenna’s first response to finding out she was having a baby brother was, “I can’t like a baby brother.  I want a baby sister.”  And so it starts…


Pregnancy - 21 weeks

Um, hello bump!  (I swear it looks bigger in person!)  Since last Monday, I have definitely popped!  This was my first week back at school with people who haven’t seen me in several months and I have definitely been getting the “I didn’t know you were pregnant!” comments all week.  And students asking me if I was having a baby.  I usually comment, “No, I just gained a lot of weight over the summer…”  They look at me stunned, until I smile and then they ask me a billion questions.  It’s nice to actually be showing and not just look like I have a food baby.  I’m sure stress this week really hasn’t helped the size of my belly (I tend to hold fat in my stomach when I’m stressed).

I will admit that I already am feeling huge for only being halfway through my pregnancy.  (Although, I really don’t look like I’m much bigger now than I was with Kenna.)  It makes me a little nervous for how big I’m going to get in the next 19 weeks.  But the good news is I gained 4 pounds in the last month, bringing me to about 15 above pre-pregnancy weight (of course, I really have no clue since I don’t know what I started at), so right on track.  And baby boy is growing perfectly, measuring right at 20 weeks, if not a few days behind (the doctor said December 31, instead of December 29).


Exhaustion.  Just pure exhaustion.  I thought I was exhausted in the first trimester, but being busy which leads to lack of sleep has taken it to a whole new level.  I passed out cold at 9:45 on Friday night and it was exactly what I needed after a very long week.  This is going to be a tough couple of months during of volleyball season.  I’m trying to stay ahead of things as much as I can, but currently I’m just barely staying above water.  My goal is to be in bed by 10 every night and so far, Friday was the only night that has happened.  I keep telling myself things will settle down and I’ll get used to the school routine again and waking up early.

Everything else has been going good.  My appetite hasn’t been great due to stress, but my ankles have been feeling better (not nearly as tight or painful) and I’m not getting nearly as many headaches as I was a few weeks ago.  In fact, I don’t even know the last time I’ve had one!  I’ve had occasional round ligament pain, usually when I go to stand up, and this little guy really enjoys pushing on my intestines, making my extremely uncomfortable.  But, really, nothing to complain about!



Not my best week for workouts.  I did great during the week, even with having to wake up at 4 AM.  But, when it came to the weekend, rain and exhaustion helped me decide that running just wasn’t going to happen.  I have to keep telling myself that it’s OK to skip a few days, but my non-pregnant self feels like I really need to be doing more.  I definitely needed the rest and I’m feeling much less crabby than I thought I would be, which is good.  (I’m not a pleasant pregnant person to be around all the time…)

Monday:  3 mile treadmill run + PiYo Lower Body
Tuesday:  4 mile run
Wednesday:  PiYo Sweat (my favorite one so far!)
Thursday:  4 mile run
Friday:  3 mile treadmill run + PiYo Strength Intervals
Saturday:  rest day
Sunday:  rest day
Total:  14 miles

Baby Stuff

Want to see something interesting?!  This is the ultrasound picture and envelop from our 12 week ultrasound…

Thankfully, I am absolutely positive this is a boy and that we waited to open the envelop until after the 20 week ultrasound!  Otherwise, I would have been really confused!


I have had a ton of questions about names.  Yes, we have a few that we like already, but we aren’t sold on any of them yet.  We also don’t plan on telling the name we do decide on until after he makes his appearance.  For now, we are just calling him Moose – a nickname my friends came up with one night when we were talking about baby names.  You better believe he will have some moose stuff in his room!  I’ve already been shopping on Amazon!  I can’t wait to plan his nursery!  With a new house, I want it to be really cute (I’m not skimping on it just because he’s the second child)!  We also have a toddler room to decorate as well as a playroom!  Only a few more weeks until move in day!  I think I need to start some count downs…