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OK, I will finally admit that I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to forget what week it is.  Of course, last week I was on vacation, so that definitely didn’t help.  I’m sure with volleyball starting in a week (*tear*) and school starting the following week (*more tears*), I will be even worse at remembering the week.  Hopefully, that just means it will go by faster!

18 weeks with MacKenna

14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks


Pregnancy - 18 weeks

Dang, I can see the 3 years difference in these pictures every week.  I’m surprised Kenna hasn’t turned me gray yet!

So, I definitely didn’t feel like I was THAT big this week, but I will admit that maternity clothes definitely emphasize the bump a little more.  I actually felt pretty small all week, considering I was in a bikini at the pool most of the week.  But, I’m starting to show for sure now.  Probably not to the point that I think I am, but in certain clothes, I think it’s pretty noticeable.  It’s funny because I thought I was huge at 6 weeks!  Ha!


Yeah, no noticeable bump when laying down in a pool in a bikini…


Holy headaches.  I am very thankful that they are more annoying than anything, but sometimes they get to the point where I just can’t concentrate on anything.  Sometimes drinking water or eating helps, but that’s usually a temporary solution and it comes back within an hour or so.  Hopefully the chiropractor can work some magic again today.

I’ve also been dealing with more and more insomnia lately.  Again, I’m thankful that it’s only an hour or two before I fall back asleep, but it’s making me worry about later on in my pregnancy.  I’m praying it doesn’t get worse.  I wake up pretty religiously between 3:30 and 3:45 to pee, and that’s usually when I have trouble falling back asleep.  But, it’s either be extremely uncomfortable or be awake.  Plus, I usually spend my time awake with my hand on my belly, hoping to feel some baby kicks, which I normally do, so it’s not a totally horrible situation.

Last week, I was craving tuna… a lot.  I ended up getting a tuna sandwich from Bread Co. twice last week, and bought some tuna at the store today.  Then, Matt, being the concerned daddy + husband that he is, asked me to look up how much tuna I could have while pregnant.  Turns out that the recommendation is none.  It’s an avoidable thing and I have plenty of other choices, so why risk it, right?  Except all those beautiful, fresh from the garden tomatoes are just begging to be paired with some tuna salad.  Guess I’ll be going to buy my 3 pound tub of cottage cheese for the tomatoes again…


Ugh.  I hate hills, especially when I’m pregnant.  I just cannot run up them at all.  Where we stayed in Branson last week was one HUGE uphill for the first mile.  So, the very few runs I got in last week were mainly a one mile walk uphill with a 1 mile run back downhill.  It killed my ankle.  I’m so bummed, because otherwise, I feel great running!  Like with the headaches, hoping the chiropractor can fix me all up!

Monday:  1 mile walk + 1 mile run
Tuesday:  1 mile walk + 1 mile run
Wednesday:  off
Thursday:  1 mile walk + 1 mile run
Friday:  off
Saturday:  off
Sunday:  off
Total:  6 miles

I start my PiYo challenge group this week (via Madeline) and I’m super pumped about it.  I’ve had to change my running schedule a little bit so I can fit in PiYo a few days a week and still keep my workouts under an hour (I refuse to wake up any earlier than I have to).  I’m not sure I’ll use some of the longer workouts right away, but I am hoping to try all of them throughout the course of the challenge.  So, here is my PiYo Challenge Plan:

Monday:  3 mile run + PiYo
Tuesday:  5 mile run

Wednesday:  3 mile run + PiYo
Thursday:  4 mile run
Friday:  3 mile run + PiYo
Saturday:  5-6 mile run (depending on how I feel)
Sunday:  rest

I’m planning to modify this so I’m not doing too much and I know my amount of running will be decreasing as I get further along in my pregnancy.  I was doing CrossFit 4-5 times a week, so I think this is very doable for me right now.  If anything, I’ll cut back on mileage first and then cut down on days run.  If I’m feeling extremely worn down (like I did last week), I’ll take extra rest days.  But, my body is itching to keep running and thankfully I’m still feeling good.

Baby Stuff

The one thing I have been trying to focus on with this pregnancy is not to complain about being pregnant.  Sure, headaches, insomnia, and not being able to eat tuna sucks, but I love being pregnant and I know that I am blessed to have a second pregnancy.  I’ve had several friends and acquaintances recently who have lost babies (one being a stillborn just this past week) and I can’t help but thank God every day for the little one growing in my belly.  I am trying to treat this pregnancy like my first as much as I can because it really shouldn’t be any different.  I might have less time and be busy with a toddler, but this baby is just as special and I know God gave me this baby to love for a reason.

I am spending a lot of time lately laying in bed (or on a couch) with my hand on my stomach, waiting for kicks, flutters, and jabs.  I am feeling much more movement lately and have gotten to feel one kick on the outside.  I think it’s absolutely my favorite part about being pregnant!

And I’m still feeling that it’s a boy…