baby bump #2: 17 weeks

Right now, I’m supposed to be having a nice, relaxing vacation – not worrying about homework or the fact that my summer is going to end in the next few weeks.  Instead, I’m listening to my darling daughter scream at the top of her lungs from a pack-n-play that she has now figured out how to climb out of.  *sigh*  So, looks like kiddo just extended her bed time for the week.  Oh, and Mama and Daddy are going to be sharing that nice king-sized bed with a third body.  Let’s hope I’m feeling more kicks from the kiddo in my belly than the one I’m sharing a bed with.

OK, enough of my complaining.  On to the good stuff…

17 weeks with MacKenna

14 weeks

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Pregnancy - 17 weeks

I really feel like I’ve popped this week.  I’ve had a few people who know I’m pregnant comment on my belly.  It’s definitely still not huge, but I’m starting to feel pregnant more and more.  It’s weird looking back and seeing that my belly is actually just about the same size.  Funny, because I feel SO much bigger this time around!

Our appointment last week went well.  I’ve gained 6 pounds in the last month, most of which I put on last week!  Stress and weird meal times, thanks to volleyball camp, definitely didn’t help.  But, we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat finally and it was still just as amazing as it was with the first baby.  Such an incredible experience!  Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE being pregnant?!


Definitely wasn’t my best feeling weak.  I ate something that definitely did not sit well in my tummy and was awake for 2 hours one night, trying not to get sick.  It happened the next day too, but only gave me uncomfortable gas.  Ugh.  I’m starting to feel a lot more exhausted and just fatigued all over.  Like carrying MacKenna or even the diaper bag wears me out quickly.  Definitely a feeling I’m not used to.  Headaches, especially yesterday, hit me pretty hard this week.  They’re not migraines, because I can still function, but it just wears me out and it’s hard to concentrate on anything.

I have also been dealing with some pubic symphysis pain after my “long” runs.  This started happening about a month ago, and I finally went to the chiropractor this weekend after my run.  It doesn’t start hurting right away, but after awhile I just can’t walk right.  After getting adjusted, I was so much better.  A little disappointing, as I know I will need to be cutting back on my runs, but that was definitely expected.

Cravings are still fresh tomatoes and cottage cheese.  I’ve also started eating ice cream every single night.  Best way to end a long day!


Besides the pubic pain, things have been pretty good.  Madeline’s PiYo challenge starts next week and I am looking forward to it.  I’m already starting to think about my school schedule and how my workouts will change.  Probably much less mileage and limited strength training.  Right now, sleep is going to be more important!  I’ll still get in plenty of exercise, it just might not be as much as I am used to.

Monday: 5.2 mile run (9:56/mile) + CrossFit
Tuesday:  4.2 mile run (10:00/mile) + CrossFit
Wednesday:  3 mile run w/ the stroller (10:24/mile)
Thursday:  4 mile run (9:34/mile) + CrossFit
Friday:  4 mile run w/ the stroller + Elena (9:51/mile)
Saturday:  6 mile run (9:45/mile)
Sunday:  off
Total:  26 miles


Baby Stuff

I’m feeling so much better after our appointment last week.  This stage of pregnancy is so difficult because, while I am feeling some kicks, they are few and far between right now (too early and too small still), so the unknown is still just scary.  I like knowing that everything is OK with the baby.

We have our anatomy scan at our appointment next month.  We have officially decided to wait until after that appointment to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl, although it is getting more and more difficult.  No big gender reveal party, but we are going to do a gender reveal photo session, finding out while the pictures are being taken.  So, we have a little more than a month before we know officially what we’re having.  I change my mind every week – last week I was thinking girl, now I’m thinking boy.  With MacKenna, there was no doubt in my mind that she was a girl, but this one I’m torn on.  I’m scared to have a boy, but I’m also excited for all the new experiences I will have with a new baby.  I might have to start counting down the days until we find out!

  • Jen

    You look adorable! I’m so sorry about the pain, but man you’re still rocking those workouts!

    I was terrified when I found out I was having a girl – now only a few months later I cannot imagine my life without a daughter. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way if you’re having a boy!
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