baby bump #2: 16 weeks

Man, it feels like I just posted one of these.  Well, I was a little late with it last week since we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary, but I like posting these on Mondays since it’s when my new week of pregnancy starts!  Crazy – 16 weeks has flown by, that’s for sure!

For a comparison:  16 weeks pregnant with MacKenna


Pregnancy - 16 weeks

No big changes in the bump this week – because, you know, you were expecting me to be huge overnight, right?!  Sometimes, I’m surprised that more people aren’t asking me about my pregnancy because I do feel like I’m showing a lot.  But, other days, I’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and feel skinny.  Which is actually a good feeling sometimes – makes me a little more confident in my growing body.

I will admit though, I feel like I am much more confident in my changing body this time around.  I just feel better about myself and quite honestly, I feel like I’m enjoying this pregnancy much more, even with feeling worse in the beginning and losing a baby.  I’m so excited about this baby and already feel my heart growing a little more every day.

We have our 16 week checkup on Thursday this week, so I’m interested to see how we are progressing and FINALLY get to hear the baby’s heartbeat!  We’ve been spoiled with getting to see this little gummy bear (our nickname for this one) every other appointment but we haven’t actually gotten to hear the heartbeat yet.  Otherwise, it’ll be a pretty short, easy appointment.


I had the chiropractor work on my achilles tendons again as well as try to figure out why I’m getting daily headaches.  They’re not terrible headaches, but just nagging.  He said that I have a tight muscle in my neck that could be causing them, but it’s likely just because my body is changing so much.  I had them with MacKenna as well and they eventually went away, but they’re just annoying and make me feel horrible.


Kenna getting adjusted – it’s a family thing now.  These guys will never go out of business just because of us.  They are seriously awesome!

I’ve also been exhausted again this week.  I fell asleep on the floor in MacKenna’s room while we were playing, and ended up skipping a run and sleeping in a few days this week (one was a skipped run, the other I just slept in an extra hour).  I feel like I’m getting plenty of sleep and believe me, I am lazy the rest of the day.  It’s frustrating and I know it’s just going to get worse come August with school and volleyball.


**I had a CPR class on Saturday and planned on doing another run on Sunday, but again, exhausted and slept in instead, so I didn’t get a bump picture this week.  Oh well.**

This week was pretty good, except for being extra exhausted.  My ankles are so much better and didn’t bother me nearly as much, and I’m pumped that my paces have been pretty good and I’ve actually been negative splitting some runs!  I mean, that’s totally NOT my goal, but I feel better once I’m totally warmed up.  Still having to walk quite a bit, mostly on hills, but at this point, that’s OK with me.

I also finally got a full 5 days of CrossFit in, which I’m pumped about!  I am actually going to be starting a PiYo challenge with Madeline, so I’m super pumped to try something new that will challenge my body and is easily adaptable for pregnancy.  Can’t wait to share more with you!

Monday:  5.2 mile run (9:57/mile) + CrossFit
Tuesday:  2.25 mile warmup + CrossFit w/ 400 repeats + 1.5 mile cool down
Wednesday:  3.1 mile run (9:53/mile) + CrossFit
Thursday:  3.1 mile run w/ the jogging stroller (10:02/mile) + CrossFit
Friday:  4.1 mile run (9:33/mile) + CrossFit
Saturday:  2.9 mile run (9:36/mile)
Sunday:  off
Total:  23 miles

Baby Stuff

I am pretty positive I felt a few little pokes this week.  Mostly in the evening when I’m laying down doing nothing.  I’ve also had a few braxton hicks contractions this week – just tightening low in my stomach and a little uncomfortable.  But, without feeling consistent kicks yet, it’s giving me some reassurance that there is still a baby growing in there.

I won’t lie, I still worry every day about this baby.  I’ve definitely come a long way from 8 weeks ago – not thinking nearly as much about twins or getting upset when I see twins – but I can’t help but still worry about this one.  I’ve thankfully stopped googling things, but it’s already planted fear in my mind about things the “could” happen with a “surviving” twin (I don’t like that term much).  I’m an overly anxious person (I’ve learned how to hide it well), so there is always some sort of fear in the back of my mind.  I’m anxious for our anatomy scan next month, but just like we felt with MacKenna, if anything is wrong with this child, we will still love him or her anyway.

And yes, still haven’t looked at the gender yet.  We’re enjoying the suspense more than we expected!

  • Katie D.

    I had a miscarriage over 2 years ago and throughout my entire second pregnancy (my baby is just 2 weeks!), I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I had a lot of anxiety and wouldn’t let myself get too attached, in case we lost this baby too. This was compounded by the fact I had an anterior placenta, so I didn’t feel any movement until almost 28 weeks!!

    Hang in there! Prayers for a healthy baby 🙂

  • I’m so impressed that you haven’t looked at the gender yet! I’m not sure I could wait like that.
    Caroline @ The Little Things recently posted..Take Me Home, Country Roads

  • I completely understand your anxiety. I was an internal and external mess the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter.
    I love the nickname! My daughter was T-Rex, then Trexie when we found out we were having a girl. The reason was at our second ultrasound she had the big head and arm buds and she waved her arms up and down. It reminded us of a T-Rex. It stuck.
    Praying for an easy and peaceful pregnancy.
    Stefani recently posted..Four Months on the 4th of July

    • Kristen

      That’s how we got this baby’s nickname! We call MacKenna Honey Bear and this baby looked like an gummy bear in the ultrasound picture, so it just stuck!

  • Kim

    I am not sure if you will publicly “post” this comment, as what I’m about to share may be hard for you to hear. But in my heart of hearts, I think you are working out WAY too much for being pregnant, especially at 16 weeks. Additionally, from the photos you shared, I don’t think you gained enough weight. Of course, I’m not a doctor. I also understand women work-out through their pregnancies. However, your mileage is pretty high for being pregnant, along with Crossfit. Do you struggle with an eating disorder, because what you mentioned here:

    “But, other days, I’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and feel skinny. Which is actually a good feeling sometimes – makes me a little more confident in my growing body.”

    As a pregnant mother carrying a child, being or looking “skinny” should not be something you go after. As a pregnant mother, your responsibility is to do everything you can to help your growing child.

    I’m not trying to heap condemnation upon you. But I am just concerned about you…and your baby.

    As you noted, you have lost a child before. You are more prone to doing so now.

    I will pray for you. I myself struggled with an eating disorder, so I can “sense” a lot of your thoughts in what you said air on that. I’m just sincerely prayerful for you. I hope you will “see” what’s important. I will pray that God will speak to you through the Holy Spirit.

    Working out and keeping strong arms can always come in the future.

    There are times and seasons for everything, and some seasons we are to take steps back from doing those activities, in order to support our health…and in your case, your baby’s.


    • Kristen

      I can understand where you would see some concern in my post, and perhaps the way things come out in writing are not how they sound in my head. In the past, I have struggled with disordered eating (not an eating disorder) but that was many years ago, and I promise, I am much past that phase of my life. My first pregnancy changed the way I look at my body and my eating and helped me move past calorie counting an obsessing over food. I am in a much better place in my life right now, mentally and physically.

      Yes, there is always concern that goes in my head as to whether or not I am running too much, gaining too much or too little weight, and if my baby is OK. I constantly struggle with finding that balance. As of right now, I have reduced not only my speed with running (obviously), but also my mileage. I am still running 6 days a week because right now, I feel comfortable with that and my body has not told me otherwise. I’m sure it probably has an impact on the amount of exhaustion I am feeling, but I know that I will be adding in more rest days in the future. I have no running goals right now besides just getting out and running for as long as I can while pregnant. And the CrossFit workouts I do are modified with a lot of added rests in them – usually with light weights or no weights.

      I do understand your concern, but I hope you believe me when I say that I also have my baby’s best interest in mind as well. As this is my second pregnancy, I know what my body can handle but am still cautious as to what I am doing. I know what my limits are and stay pretty well clear of the limits. Thank you for your comment.

    • I just have to stand up for Kristen here – I ran until 36 weeks and CrossFitted until delivery ALL with permission and encouragement from my OB when pregnant with my 2nd child. I have also known Kristen for almost 3 years and can say she absolutely 100% has the best interest of her baby at heart.

      There is actually significant scientifically date supporting keeping active during pregnancy to promote the health of both your own health and that of the baby. Most miscarriages are caused by genetic abnormalities and not from running. Most OBs are happy that you maintain your current fitness level – a general rule of thumb is that you only do what you’ve been doing before. What that means is relative to each pregnant woman. Since Kristen was running high mileage and lifting weights prior to pregnancy she’s not making radical changes to her life. I am sure Kristen has discussed all of these things with her doctor.

      I truly feel like you had the best intentions with your comments but they may have been better suited in a private email.
      Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..Weekend Recap + PiYo Challenge

  • I’m just now reading this but it was like reading my thoughts! I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and still have exhausted days. Slowing down a lot lately and it’s feeling harder to want to get up and run!!