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Really, I’m almost done with 15 weeks, but I wanted to wait until today to do an update since we had our 3rd prenatal visit today! The first 2 appointments seemed like it took forever to get to, but these past 4 weeks have flown by. Probably because the secret is out now and I actually get to talk about being pregnant.

At the last appointment, we tried to hear the heartbeat, but my little baby was sitting so low that we couldn’t find it, so instead we had an ultrasound. So, this visit, we actually got to hear the whooshing of our baby’s heartbeat! I still find it so incredible that there is actually a tiny person inside of me! Even without an ultrasound, just hearing the baby’s heartbeat is so amazing!

It was a really quick visit, just the heartbeat this time, but we also had the choice to have blood drawn for genetic testing. Regardless of whether or not our baby has any chromosomal abnormalities or neural tube defects, we will love him or her. We decided to go ahead and be tested just so we can be prepared for the outcome. If there is anything wrong with our little one, we want to make sure we can provide the best possible living environment after the baby arrives. I hope and pray everything is just perfect, but if it’s not, I want to be prepared.

Now, we have to wait another 4 weeks until our next appointment, and I just know it is going to be the LONGEST 4 weeks ever. Because next time, we get to find out if we’re Team Pink or Team Blue! Before we got pregnant, we thought we would wait and be surprised. But, now, we can’t imagine waiting that long to find out! Plus, I really like to plan – and I’m dying to paint a nursery and buy some adorably cute clothes!

The other thing I’m really excited about is that my uncle is going to be my doctor the next visit! The doctor I normally go to is in the same practice with him, but will be in Vegas (so not fair) the week we are supposed to get our ultrasound. So, I requested him – of course, after making sure there wouldn’t be any, um, nether-region exams. Ha! I think it will be really cool to have my uncle there when we find out! Plus, I would rather have him – someone I know really well and knows me well – instead of someone I’ve never met before. Should be fun!

15 Week Milestones
I know I showed the picture last week of my teeny tiny baby bump, but it is now becoming apparent to other people. Last Friday, I had 2 of my Kindergarteners come up to me and ask me if there is “a baby in my belly”. Seriously, how cute is that! I also had some of my 6th graders ask if I had any kids, which was just a nice way to ask if I am pregnant. I love that they get so excited. Of course, the only thing I get asked is if I want a boy or a girl or what I’m going to name them. And they all have opinions on what the name should be. With 2 teachers, it is going to be a little difficult to find names that don’t remind us of some students we would like to forget.

My other big “milestone” this week has been that my already-sort-of-tight jeans no longer fit, or at least comfortably. Be Bands, which are these bands you can wear so that you don’t have to button your pant, have been helping, but it’s now getting to the point where I can’t even get my pants over my hips. I’m thinking it’s time for some maternity clothes…

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I am severely suffering from pregnancy brain (surprise, surprise). Things I have forgot or lost this week: our Garmin watch (no idea where it is at – somewhere in our house if I didn’t throw it away), my sunglasses in the bathroom at school, and the extra flour I needed to double a banana bread recipe (but I’ll talk more about that tomorrow).

Baby Bump Pic of the Week
It’s Spirit Week at school this week and Tuesday was twin day. My co-Girls on the Run Coach and I decided to wear our GOTR shirts and be twins. Being twins also meant Cameron needed a little baby bump.
Nothing a Be Band and a bean bag can’t take care of! I actually think her bump looks better than mine! Ha!

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