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Miles has now officially been out as long as he was in (39 weeks) – and this month was been a big one for my little guy!

Miles - 9 months


What a little piggy!  Miles is still an awesome little eater.  Whatever we put in front of him, he pretty much gobbles up.  He has his favorites (Cheerios, blueberries, cheese), but gravitates toward anything new that we give him.  He also likes to finish MacKenna’s meals for her.  A few weeks ago, we were out at Culver’s with my parents.  I filled his little yellow tray full, thinking I could send it with him for lunch the next day.  Nope, Little Piggy ate the ENTIRE tray PLUS HALF of MacKenna’s grilled cheese.  He’s a P-I-G pig…

On the other hand, nursing is not going as well.  We are still going strong, but I have gotten to the point where my pumping is just not keeping up with his needs during the day while I’m at work.  I maybe get two 4-ounce bags a day – sometimes more, sometimes less – but we’ve pretty much gone through my entire stash I had saved up all summer.  I have a few more bags at my parents’ house in their deep freeze, but right now, I’m about 2 days ahead of him.

So, we are going to start supplementing this week.  It will probably only be one bottle a day to start with, but I am in the process of starting to wean.  I can’t complain though.  I made it 5 months longer with Miles exclusively than I did with MacKenna.  I’ll still be nursing him in the morning and before bed, and all day on the weekends – I just really enjoy the connection with him.  But, I’ll admit that I’m really sick of pumping and I’m looking forward to putting that thing away for awhile and gaining 30 extra minutes in my day again.

Miles - 36 weeks


Miles is still an awesome sleeper!  He is currently getting 2+ teeth on the top right now, so he is pretty restless and not napping or sleeping great, but I certainly cannot complain.  We haven’t had too many stretches of fighting sleep, but there are days where one little noise and he’s up and screaming.  But, otherwise, he goes to sleep easily without a fight and the only time he really cries is when he’s tired.

Miles - 37 weeks


This kid.  Oh my goodness, he is just the happiest, silliest little guy!  And such a sweetheart!  He is extremely curious and is into EVERYTHING.  Once he lays his eyes on something, there is nothing stopping him from getting it.  And he will throw a fit if you take it away.  But, otherwise, he is smiling and laughing and just happy playing or being talked to.  He’s extremely easy going, which makes things super easy for us.  I absolutely love his little happy personality and I think it will take him places for sure!

Miles - 38 weeks

Big Sister

I think Kenna absolutely loves being a big sister.  She is so caring and sweet with him.  For example, he dropped a toy he was holding while we were brushing teeth the other night, and she stopped and picked it up for him and gave it back to him.  She also has been trying to hold him on her own more and more.  I caught her a few weeks ago trying to hold him (she said she wanted to hold him) and basically putting him in a choke hold.  I really have to keep my eye on her, but otherwise, she enjoys just talking to him and playing with him.  She loves to share with him and is always concerned about what he’s doing.  I am still hopeful they will be besties growing up, but only time will tell.

Miles - 39 weeks

Other Stuff

Weight:  Last month I thought he was probably close to 15 pounds.  Yesterday at his check up, he weighed in at 14 pounds 13 ounces.  So, he gained about 2 pounds in the last 3 months.  He’s in the 1st percentile for weight and not even on it for height (25 inches – only gained 1/2 an inch in 3 months).  It definitely makes me feel better about MacKenna being so petite since he is too.  Obviously, I’m not just starving her.  Ha!

Diapers:  It’s been awhile since he’s worn anything besides cloth, so I really have no idea what size he is fitting in now.  But, we are still going strong in cloth!

Clothes:  I finally opened the box of 6-9 month clothes I got from my nephew this past weekend.  It’s a good thing I did too, because I went to put him in a 3-6 month sleeper and couldn’t get it over his shoulder.  Of course, the 6-9 month sleepers are way too long on him, but he has room to grow.

Teeth:  He has 2 on the bottom, and is getting at least 2 more on the top!  I love toothless babies, but he is adorable with his little chompers!

Likes:  Chasing MacKenna and the cat, climbing on anything and everything, door stops, watching TV in his bouncer in the morning

Dislikes:  Thankfully, he is getting better with the carseat, although he’s still not a fan.  He does in fact hate the vacumm and also hates it when I throw him up in the air.  Looks like I have another scaredy cat on my hands…

Firsts:  Pulling up in his crib (we moved the mattress all the way down), doing a little cruising on the furniture, goes from his belly to sitting on his own

Miles, we love you so much, little guy!  You are such a joy and I absolutely love you more than I ever thought possible!