baby boy: 5 months

My little guy is getting so big so quickly!  I can’t believe how much he’s grown in the past 5 months!  But, it is hard to even imagine him being the tiny little newborn he was just 5 months ago.  He certainly is a silly little guy and has stolen my heart!

Miles - 5 months


Miles is still a GREAT little eater!  He is now going about 4 hours between feedings, although there have been a few days recently where he has gone longer without any problem.  He will take between 4 and 7 ounces when he is given a bottle, and it takes about 20 minutes total for him to eat when I breastfeed him (both sides).

Today is the last day I will be dreamfeeding him.  I’m a little sad about it because I really like that time with him before bed.  (Why is it that you can’t wait for your kids to go to sleep but miss them terribly when they are sleeping?!)  But, he’s been sleeping through the night consistently for almost 8 weeks now and the few times I’ve skipped his dreamfeed, he has not had any issues.  So, I think it’s time to drop it.  I’m fully prepared that he might regress and start waking up at night (we miraculously made it through the last month without a sleep regression), but I am hopeful that he will do well with just 4 feedings during the day.

Miles - 18 weeks


Miles is also doing great with sleeping!  I feel VERY lucky that I don’t think any sleep training will be involved for awhile (unlike his big sissy).  He goes to bed when MacKenna does, around 8PM.  We put him down with his eyes open and within just a few minutes, he is sound asleep!  I have stopped swaddling him, per the pediatrician’s recommendation, and he is still sleeping mostly on his back.  There have been a few times where I’ve gone in in the morning and he’s on his tummy, but he is mostly a back sleeper.  He is definitely moving around a lot in his sleep and I have come in to find him with an arm and a leg out the slots in the crib, but that doesn’t seem to bother him too much!

Miles - 19 weeks


Oh boy, we have such a silly little boy!  He loves to babble and has started blowing raspberries.  He is starting to sort of “talk back” to us when we talk to him.  He loves to play and can keep himself entertained for the most part while lying on the floor.  He also loves anything that involves his hands – patty cake, clapping, or just having a toy in his hands.  He’s been sticking his tongue out more and more, and if you poke at hit, he thinks it’s hilarious.  He absolutely LOVES the 3 of us and will giggle at anything that we say.

Miles - 20 weeks

Big Sister

MacKenna still LOVES Miles – I am really hoping that they grow up as best friends, but I’m not holding my breath.  (Matt and I definitely did not get along well with our siblings until we were older.)  She loves giving him attention.  She frequently pats his head or tummy and tries to hold his hand.  She does also get mad for “pinching” her – she doesn’t quite understand that he has no control over those things AND that it’s going to get much, much worse.

She is currently our bad sleeper.  It takes us awhile to get her to go to sleep and most nights lately she has been waking up in the middle of the night.  Thankfully, we can just go put her back in bed and she’ll go right back to sleep.  Life would be pretty perfect though if she would be as good a sleeper as her brother!  She’s definitely a handful, but I’ll get to that in a separate post.

Other Stuff

Weight:  When we took him to the pediatrician a month ago, he was around 13 pounds, which is only the 7th percentile!  She called him petite, which amazed both of us because he’s gigantic compared to Kenna at that age!  I’m guessing he’s 14 pounds now…

Diapers:  Cloth, but size 2 in disposables

Clothes:  3-6 months and 6 months, although pants are a little long on him

Likes:  Playing with his toys on the floor, putting everything into his mouth, pulling Mama’s hair, playing patty cake + other clapping songs, being pulled up to standing

Dislikes:  Being overtired, the carseat when it is not moving

Firsts:  Blowing raspberries, reaching for things, scooting and rolling (he will definitely be an early crawler!)

Miles - 21 weeks