baby boy: 4 months

Miles is at such a fun age right now!  He is learning and developing so much, and it doesn’t hurt that his smile + giggle are infectious!  Plus, he’s about as cute and good as a baby can get! 


Miles is still a great little eater!  He is still doing great with breastfeeding, and even after my bout with the stomach flu, my supply easily came back and he never had an issue.  I don’t really know how much he eats for me, but he is taking three almost 7-ounce bottles at the baby sitter.  He also still eats 3 times with me at home – once in the morning, once in the evening, and then a dreamfeed between 10 and 11 PM.  I am waiting to cut out the dreamfeed until after the school year is over since I’m afraid that if I stop now, he’s going to start waking up again in the middle of the night, and Lord knows I need as much sleep as I can get right now.

While he’s old enough now to start solid foods, I’m going to hold off until he’s 6 months old.  He’s sitting up well in the Bumbo seat right now and is holding his great, but he’s definitely not ready yet.  I’m hoping that wait another 2 months that he’ll eat better than his big sissy did/does. 


We have a great night sleeper, but naps are not as good.  Thankfully, right now, Miles is content with just playing on the floor.  That is, until he gets tired and then he starts to fuss a bit.  He is definitely not a happy camper when he is tired, but he also really fights having to go to sleep.  He takes after his mama and isn’t big on napping.  His longest naps usually take place in his carseat, and most of his naps are between 30-45 minutes.  I will not like this when he gets older and mama needs a break…

But, he is still sleeping great through the night!  I wake him up at 5:30 during the week to feed him and let him sleep until around 7 to feed him on the weekends.  But, I have a feeling he would sleep longer if I let him – but I just want to get start on my day (and my boobs usually aren’t going to make it much longer than that)! 


Miles is still the HAPPIEST baby!  He’s a little chatter box now too!  He can start to fuss and if you start talking to him, he’ll just smile like crazy!  He coos and giggles and just talks all day long.  I seriously cannot get enough of him!  He’s going to be a fun little guy, that’s for sure! 

 Big Sister

MacKenna is still awesome with him!  Just yesterday morning, she came out into the living room where Miles was laying down and said, “Hi Miles!” and gave him a hug!  We catch her loving on him and tickling him all the time.  Now, if only we could get her to sleep as well as he does!  She’s great with naps, but getting her down for a nap or at bedtime is definitely a struggle lately.  She’s waking up at night too, but it’s mostly because her tummy hurts from holding in her poop.  Yup.  She’s my tough one, but she’s pretty easy – a normal Threenager – for what she gives us. 

 Other Stuff

Weight:  It’s been awhile since we’ve had an official weigh-in, but I’d guess he’s probably 12 or 13 pounds now, which is just crazy to me because MacKenna only weighed 15 pounds at a year old!  He’s definitely living up to his nickname – Moose!

Diapers:  We’ve been having some leaking issues with several of our cloth diapers lately, so I’ve been trying to figure that out.  He has gone up a size in both the cloth and in disposables.  He now wears a size 2 – again, MacKenna is in a 3 still.  Ha!

Clothes:  I spent an hour last Friday night packing up all of Miles newborn and 0-3 month clothes (I know, real exciting Friday night, right?) and hanging up all of his 3-6 months clothes.  He still fit in the 0-3 months clothes, but most of them were meant for cooler weather, and it also just didn’t look comfortable on him.  I swear he went from them all being too big to being snug in just a week!

Likes:  Mama, Daddy, MacKenna, TV, baths, his hands, sucking his thumb (or fingers at time), rolling over, “talking”, smiling, laughing

Dislikes:  the carseat (although not as much anymore), being tired and/or hungry

Firsts:  rolling from back to belly (like all the time now), sitting in the Bumbo seat during dinner, belly laughs 


  • He’s so stinking cute! I love it! I can’t believe how much he has changed in the last few months!