baby boy: 3 months

If you have baby fever, read this post with caution as it contains pictures and stories of the cutest and best baby EVER!  I seriously cannot get enough of this face!

Miles - 3 months


Miles is still a great eater!  He is now at the babysitter full time (this is only his second week there thanks to Matt + my spring breaks) and she has even commented on what a great eater he is.  I wake him up to nurse in the morning around 5:30, he takes 3 or 4 bottles a day – usually 5 ounces – and then I feed him again at 7 and 10 PM.  I am back to feeding him on both sides and he seems to be handling it well.  He isn’t spitting up nearly as much and let’s face it – he is the happiest baby!  He hardly ever fusses…

Miles - 9 weeks


I know I’m going to be jinxing myself by sharing this but Miles has made a ton of progress since we moved him to his crib!  He goes down at the same time as MacKenna – around 8 PM – and falls asleep on his own, even if his eyes are open.  I wake him up to feed him at 10 and then he goes right back down.  And dare I say, the past 2 weeks, he’s been sleeping until at the very earliest 5 AM, but went until 7 AM this weekend (which was GLORIOUS, by the way).  I can definitely handle these sleep patterns, although I’m still exhausted regardless of not being woken up in the middle of the night.

He is a decent napper too.  His longest nap is usually in the afternoon with shorter naps in the morning, but I’m sure that’s different at the babysitter’s.  On the weekends (and on our break), I pretty much let him sleep wherever he wants and will put him in his crib if he’s really out of it.  I’ll worry about that a little more this summer though (41 days…).

Miles - 10 weeks

I think this is my favorite picture of him!


This is the HAPPIEST baby ever!  I mean, Kenna was a good baby, but Miles takes the cake on good babies.  All you have to do is talk to him or give him attention and he is the smiliest little guy!  Like I said earlier, he rarely ever fusses either and does not really cry unless he’s really pissed off, like when he’s in his carseat or he’s tired and hungry (or hangry like his mama).  I will admit that when he does wail, it’s usually at the worst time, like in the car or when I’m trying to do something for Kenna, and the crying just overwhelms me.  But, I seriously cannot complain.

He is also “talking” soooo much more!  I didn’t think he’d be as vocal as Kenna was but he’s definitely cooing and laughing so much more.  We could carry on a conversation if we wanted to and he loves telling me “stories”!

Miles - 11 weeks

Big Sister

Kenna is still doing GREAT with him!  She has started calling him “my baby” and is concerned where he is or who he is with.  She loves to help whenever she can and always lets me know what he’s up to.  “Mama, Miles is awake!” or “Mama, Miles is sleeping.”  She is just so sweet with him!  And thankfully, now that Miles is sleeping in his room, Kenna has started sleeping through the night again, with the occasional potty wake up.  It. Is. Glorious.

Miles - 12 weeks

Other Stuff

Weight:  We had to take Miles to the doctor last week for a really bad cough (diagnosed with bronchiolitis) and Matt said he weighed 11 something pounds.  He’s growing so mcuh!

Diapers:  Like I said last week, he’s in cloth diapers full time and disposables at night.  He’s still wearing size 1 and will be a little bit longer.

Clothes:  No more newborn clothes.  Boohoo.  I’ve pulled them all out of his closet and packed them away which makes me so sad.  But, it looks like he has a little longer in the 0-3 and 3 month clothes.  His legs are just so short right now for his sleepers!

Likes:  Being talked to, telling “stories”, hearing his own voice, sucking his thumb, Mama, Daddy, and MacKenna, eating, kicking and squirming

Dislikes:  The carseat and a few diaper changes here and there – other than that, he’s a pretty content baby!

Firsts:  going to the babysitter, his first illness/trip to the doctor, sleeping through the night

Miles - 13 weeks
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