baby boy: 12 months

And just like that, we have a ONE year old…

Miles - 12 months

There have been times where I have felt like this has been the LONGEST year ever, and then I blink, and he’s ONE.  The past year really has gone by too quickly, and I look at Miles and just can’t even believe that he is ONE.  Part of it is because he’s just so darn little.  But, I just also can’t believe that just ONE year ago, he was my precious little newborn.  Seems like he’ll be 18 and leaving for college in no time.


Still the best eater on the block!  He eats anything and everything.  He truly is a bottomless pit.  It makes me a little nervous for his teenage years.  My bank account will not be able to keep up with his stomach…

Miles also had his first sweets!  He KILLED his smash cake this past weekend at his birthday party.  We actually had to cut him off out of fear he would get sick.  He also had his first taste of ice cream last night for his real birthday.  Again, had to cut him off – he was begging for more!  Looks like Mama will have to get better at sharing her food.


Miles - ice cream

We are down to nursing twice a day – once in the morning, and once at before bed.  They last between 8 and 15 minutes, but have progressively gotten shorter in the past few weeks.  I will probably wean him off the morning session come January when I go back to work.  But, I’m going to try to keep nursing him at night for as long as he wants to.  We started giving him cow’s milk about a month ago (mixed with breastmilk) and he has done really well.  I’ve been trying to give him milk in a sippy cup after his nap, but he’s still learning to like it straight up.

Miles - 48 weeks


Not much to report on the sleeping front.  He’s a super sleeper!  He goes down on his own with barely any resistance.  If he does cry, it’s for a minute or less before he puts gives in and goes back to sleep.  He takes two naps – 1-2 hours in the AM, and 2 hours in the PM.  And he sleeps about 11 hours a night.  Boy LOVES his sleep!

Miles - 49 weeks


Still so sweet.  Still so silly.  He is really a happy boy.  He knows what he wants and will let you know if he isn’t happy.  But, for the most part, he is a very happy, sweet little guy.  He loves to snuggle.  He loves to play.  And he is extremely independent.  He is catching on to things very quickly and is starting to mimic everything we do, which I LOVE.  He loves to explore and is curious (nosy) about everything.  I can’t wait to see him grow into a toddler.

Miles - 50 weeks

Big Sister

MacKenna is still in love with her little brother.  They absolutely adore each other, although they have their little spats.  Miles loves to pet Kenna’s hair, and MacKenna loves to sing and kiss on Miles.  I’m still hopeful that they will be the bestest of friends as they grow up.

Miles - 51 weeks

Other Stuff

Weight:  His ONE year checkup is next week, but I’m thinking he’s about 18 pounds.

Diapers:  Size 2 on trips, but cloth the majority of the time!

Clothes:  Still in 6-9 months, but he is getting close to outgrowing those.  His shirt for his birthday party was 12 months and was still pretty big on him.

Teeth:  I’ll say 4.5 teeth – top 2, bottom 2, and a tiny little canine.

Likes:  Cars + trucks, balls or anything that is round like a ball, chasing the kitty cat, pointing at everything

Dislikes:  Well, we are ONE year strong in hating the carseat.  He also dislikes diaper changes and getting his clothes on or off.  He really just hates having to sit still.

Firsts:  Thanksgiving, meeting Santa, pointing, blowing kisses, says “hi”, firth BIRTHDAY party, first sweets

Miles - 52 weeks

Miles – I love you more than you will ever know!  You have filled our lives with so much joy and have made our lives feel complete.  You are the best baby I could have ever asked for and I cannot wait to see you grow into a little boy!  I love you, Moose!

“On the night you were born,
The moon smiled with such wonder
That the stars peeked in to see you
And the night wind whispered,
“Life will never be the same.”
Because there had never been anyone like you…ever in the world.
So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain
That they whispered the sound of your wonderful name.
It sailed through the farmland
High on the breeze…
Over the ocean…
And through the trees…
Until everyone heard it
And everyone knew
Of the one and only ever you.
Not once had there been such eyes,
Such a nose,
Such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes.
When the polar bears heard,
They danced until dawn.
From faraway places,
The geese flew home.
The moon stayed up until
Morning next day.
And none of the ladybugs flew away.
So whenever you doubt just how special you are
And you wonder who loves you, how much and how far,
Listen for geese honking high in the sky.
(They’re singing a song to remember you by.)
Or notice the bears asleep at the zoo.
(It’s because they’ve been dancing all night for you!)
Or drift off to sleep to the sound of the wind.
(Listen closely…it’s whispering your name again!)
If the moon stays up until morning one day,
Or a ladybug lands and decides to stay,
Or a little bird sits at your window awhile,
It’s because they’re all hoping to see you smile…
For never before in story or rhyme
(not even once upon a time)
Has the world ever known a you, my friend,
And it never will, not ever again…
Heaven blew every trumpet
And played every horn
On the wonderful, marvelous
Night you were born.”

  • LOVE that book and love the pictures! 🙂