baby boy: 11 months

Excuse me while I go sob in a corner for a little while…

Picture to be posted this weekend… 😉

How is it that in one short month, this sweet little boy will be ONE?!  WAHHHHHHH!


Let’s skip over how great of an eater Miles is, because let’s face it – the kid eats EVERYTHING.  Instead, let’s focus on the bigger issue at hand:  weaning.  It’s been a good run with breastfeeding, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to being done and having my body back as my own.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE it.  But, the pumping and the feeding every few hours, well, is just exhausting.  I’m ready to be off a “schedule” and living a semi-normal life as a family of four.

It’s funny how quick things leave your memory.  I seriously do not remember the last 2 months before MacKenna turned one.  Maybe it was because I was busy as a first year teacher and coaching volleyball at the time as well.  What I remember was that I was not doing much pumping those last 2 months.  I know I wasn’t pumping at work at all, and I’m not sure I was even pumping in the afternoon.  I also know that a week before her first birthday, she bit me, and I claimed her being DONE.  But, I just don’t remember weaning her whatsoever.

So, I’m starting at square zero with Miles.  He’s nursing 4 times a day currently, and when I’m at work, I am pumping 3 times a day (once before work, at lunch, and before going home for the day).  After next week, I’m planning on cutting out my morning pump (yay for more time in the morning!) and cutting Miles down to 3 feedings a day.  By December 18 (my last day of work of 2015), I want to be down to pumping once a day at work (probably at lunch) and only nursing Miles in the morning and before bed.  I am hoping by the time I am back at school in 2016, we are only down to one feeding before bed.  Then, hopefully Miles will just wean himself on his own.

But, really, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Miles - 44 weeks


Our only sleep issue lately is the dang motion sensor monitor.  We moved the monitor to one side of the bed so it wouldn’t go off as much (the side of the bed he tended to favor).  Then, he decided to move to the other end of the bed, so the monitor was going off constantly.  I moved it back to the middle of the bed, and now he’s sleeping with his butt up in the air, so the monitor is going off multiple times every night.  One of us (usually Matt) has to get up to move him back to the middle of the bed, but Miles ends up waking up, and then it’s tough to get him to go back down without laying in there with a hand on his back.  He’s getting better about going down on his own, but not always.

Miles - 45 weeks


I like to think his goofy little teeth fit his personality perfectly.  He’s just so silly.  He is a smiley little guy, he loves to laugh and play, and he is the sweetest, cuddliest little boy.  I think the one thing I am looking forward to as he turns one is to see how his little personality grows.

Miles - 46 weeks

Big Sister

I feel lucky that – right now – my two kiddos LOVE each other.  Miles wants everything to do with MacKenna, and MacKenna just wants to make Miles smile.  At her 4 year checkup yesterday, the pediatrician asked her how she plays with her little brother.  Her answer was that she tickles him, which is so true.  I can always count on her to make him smile when he is crying (in the carseat usually).  She has really been wanting to pick him up and hold him lately, so we’ve had to have the conversation about not picking him up by the head and neck, but under his arms.  Definitely gotta keep an eye on that one…

Miles - 47 weeks

Other Stuff

Weight:  He was 17 pounds (with diaper and clothes) at his appointment last week when he had croup.  So, he’s almost tripled his birth weight!

Diapers:  Still in size 2, but going strong in the cloth!

Clothes:  Looks like we’ll be finishing out his first year of life in 6-9 month clothes.  Although I did order his birthday shirt in 12 months so he could wear it for awhile.

Teeth:  Still at 4, but he is getting his top 2 canines in right now.  My boobs are suffering…

Likes:  He LOVES these little Melissa + Doug cars and will chase them around for a long time.  He also is starting to really love cruising around on the furniture and crawling all around the house.  He’s in a pretty big Mama phase right now, so he tends to follow me and wants me to hold him constantly.

Dislikes:  Still HATES the carseat.

Firsts:  Clapping, waving, doing “so big”, saying “uh oh” and “mama”, crawling on hands and knees instead of the army crawl – it was a big month for Mr. Miles!

I’m going to attempt to enjoy every last day of Miles’ infancy this last month.  WAHHHHHH…