an eventful week

It’s been an eventful parenting/baby week.  It all started Monday with the puking episode.  Seriously, it was like The Exorcist going on in our living room.  Yes, I’m sure I overreacted (and still am) as my first instinct was to call 911 (drama queen, much?), but it was the scariest thing I’ve experienced so far as a parent.  Thank goodness we think it was only a bout of motion sickness and not something worse.  (Can you imagine how I would have reacted had it been worse?!)

Tuesday was such a beautiful day that I absolutely needed Fritz’s for dessert.  I’ve had Fritz’s a few times since MacKenna’s been around, but it’s always been by going through the drive-thru window.  So, this was her firs official trip to Fritz’s!  And of course, she fell asleep during the 2 minute car ride.  But, proof she was there…

photo 2 (20)

Then, Wednesday morning I made a crucial parenting mistake.  I went into MacKenna’s room to check on her before I headed to the gym and noticed that she was sleeping on her tummy, right next to the edge of the crib.  Since she just learned how to roll over, tummy sleeping is a new development.  I knew Matt probably would want me to roll her on to her back, so I did, hoping + praying that I wouldn’t wake her up.  No such luck, and what probably would have been a sleep-through-the-night kind of night, became a fighting-to-go-back-to-sleep morning.  Eventually, we gave up and let her lay in the Boppy while I got ready for work.  Lesson learned:  don’t wake the sleeping baby!

However, I made up for the rough morning by finally putting MacKenna in her first 3-6 month outfit!  I’m excited to have a ton of new clothes to put her in since we haven’t had a new wardrobe since January.  And I actually went out and bought her some other new clothes yesterday for the first time, ever.  We have a whole bunch of onesies that needed some bottoms to go with them, so I bought her a cute jean skirt from Old Navy and 2 pairs of leggings from Baby Gap.  Plus, an adorable white dress from Old Navy for her 6 months pictures this weekend!

photo 4 (14)

After our little shopping adventure on Thursday, Mac and I headed to the pediatrician for her 6 month checkup.  These are usually pretty uneventful, but this one brought on a whole new thing for me to worry about.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s been losing weight lately.  MacKenna lost 6 ounces since her last visit (when she was sick back in March).  The pediatrician assured me that this sometimes happens around 6 months and that we don’t need to worry unless she still isn’t gaining weight in a few weeks.  (MacKenna did grown half an inch and gained some circumference in her head, showing that she is growing.)  We go back in 2 or 3 weeks for a weight check, and if she’s still not gaining, we’ll discuss what we need to do to jump start her weight gain again.

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If everything else in this post (or on my blog in general) is any indication, I am slightly freaking out.  While I know I did absolutely nothing wrong, I still worry about my little girl and I want what is best for her.  Solids have had a slow start, but I’m hopeful that she will begin to get the hang of things and we won’t need to worry about anything.  We won’t really know what we need to do or change (start supplementing more with formula and drop breastfeeding, or something else entirely) until we go back in a few weeks to check her weight.

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Until then, I’m going to hope that the next few weeks are less eventful than this one…

  • What a sweetheart!! Love the zebra print outfit. 🙂 I have a little boy and I’m always drooling over the little girl clothes at stores–maybe next baby! And don’t worry, I’m a new mom too and would definitely panic about the puking episode!

  • She is so sweet! Sorry for the rough week… we had a month around 4-5 months when L was not gaining well either, but I was able to continue breastfeeding and we got through it. Solids were helpful, too, as she loved them– but I know not all babies take it them and milk is still best. It’s hard not to stress about those things, but try not to!! 🙂
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  • I love that zebra outfit!
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    • Kristen, the puking thing is so scary. E had the flu a few months back and I swear I would NEVER wish that on any mother. You feel so helpless. Glad she’s feeling better.

      Don’t worry about the weight at all. She’s a happy healthy girl who eats well. It might be a result of her increased movement. E lost some weight when he started walking.

      You’re doing great as a parent. I swear. Just give her lots of hugs and kisses and she’ll be just fine!
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  • Oh my gosh you never ever wake a sleeping baby! I worried about the same thing making sure my son slept on his back as long as possible but once they learn to roll on their side or on their tummy it seems to be the way they prefer to sleep. I learned this lesson the hard way too! I’m sure she is growing well and will be + lbs at her next visit. I like her little outfits so cute.
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