adjusting to our “new home”

Remember way back when I made my word of 2014 to adjust?  You don’t?  Oh, because I forgot until this week too.  But, once I remembered, it was the absolute perfect word to sum up the past 3 weeks for us.

It’s been pretty interesting moving back in to my childhood home and has definitely taken some adjusting for all 3 of us.  My biggest fear was that we were going to drive my parents crazy, or even worse, they were going to drive us crazy.  We go on trips with them all the time and usually by the end of the week, we are all ready to get home and get back into our normal routines.  So, I was really worried that this was going to be a huge mistake.

But, so far, so good!  I think it helps that we all are still working, and the fact that in the 3 weeks we’ve been living here, my parents have been in Cancun for the past week.  (Punks.  I know, right?!)  But, it is starting to become more and more “normal” to be back where I grew up, although I’m still learning to adjust to…

Sleeping in my brother’s old room.  It’s really weird to walk into a different room (even though it looks totally different) than what I walked in to for 22 years.  There is a full sized bed in my brother’s old room and we were able to set up crib in my old room.  There are still time where I’ll walk up the stairs and head straight into MacKenna’s room, just out of habit.  I maybe do it once a week now, but at first it was almost every single time when I went upstairs.  So, I’m adjusting…


Driving farther to get to work everyday.  My parents live a little farther east than where our old house was, making my drive to work about 10 minutes longer.  It’s not terrible, but on the way home, I have to go pick up MacKenna at the babysitter’s, which is close to our old house, and then we head “home” to my parents’ house.  So, it might only be 10 minutes farther to drive, but after stopping to pick up MacKenna, it takes about an hour to get home every day.  I’m really having to work on adjusting my time management…

Getting into a “new” routine.  We are trying to keep our routines pretty much the same, but learning how to do things in a new house with 2 more people involved has been a challenge.  My morning routine is about the same, but it feels weird to be doing things in a different house.  I still don’t feel like my routine is back to normal, but I certainly feel like I’m starting to figure it out…

Meal planning with 2 more people in mind.  The first week we lived with my parents, we were still doing a ton of work at the old house, so we really didn’t need to worry about meals, and with my parents being out of town this past week, I was able to plan normally, but it’s been interesting trying to plan our meals and grocery shopping between 2 families.  We are sharing many things – produce especially – but we are doing our meals separate for the most part.  My parents eat a lot of leftovers, so we are just trying to work around that.  But, I will tell you, as a family of 5, we eat A LOT of bananas…


Having a house with stairs but no baby gates.  I think this is one of the most difficult things to adjust to because I feel like I constantly have to be watching MacKenna with the steps.  She is actually really good with them because I think the fun and newness of them have worn off.  But, it makes me really nervous when we are upstairs.  I think we have really made sure she knows that she needs one of us in order to go down the stairs, but I still have to keep an eye on her constantly.  But, she’s doing a really good job of staying off of them and waiting for us to use the stairs…


Being back in my old stomping grounds.  It’s really weird to be back where I grew up.  I have absolutely LOVED running my old routes around town and I feel so safe out here because I don’t have to run on busy roads and I have a lot of options of where to run.  But, it’s so strange to see people who I haven’t seen in years!  I’ve gone to the grocery store 3 times now and have seen someone from high school or my first job at Fritz’s.  That is definitely going to take some adjusting to, but I won’t lie, I am kind of enjoying it!

This weekend, we are going to be picking out/designing the interior of our new home and in about a month, we will officially be breaking ground!  So, we still have awhile to be in our temporary home and won’t have to re-adjust again until we close on the new house in September.  Let’s just hope we can adjust our finances so it’s not such a shock!  😉

Have a great weekend!

  • Kristen’s Mom

    Miss seeing you guys everyday, especially my Kenna girl! Am I going with you to help pick interior stuff on Sunday!

  • May i know if that carpet is fixed on the wooden stairs? and how many steps in total? i think wooden stairs are a lot better than concrete ones, and is the floor also wooden?

    by the way how old is MacKenna ?
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    • Kristen

      Yes, wood floors and the carpet is fixed to the stairs. About 12 total. MacKenna is 2.