adding on

While building a house can be an exciting time, it is also extremely stressful.  Especially for the couple who has difficulty making decisions.  There are literally thousands of options to choose from:  from the lot you want to build on (that was easy – we’re building next to my best friend), the layout of the house, to every single add-on you could ever imagine.  Want an outlet outside in your fascia for Christmas lights with a switch to turn it on?  There’s a package for that (it’s called the Holiday Lights Package, just in case you were wondering, and it’s outrageously expensive).

But, surprisingly, Matt and I did really well choosing exactly what we wanted for our new house, all without arguing and staying at least close to our budget (I might have gone over with a few upgrades).

However, there was one little addition we decided to make that won’t take place until after the house is completely finished and we’re totally moved in…

Baby #2 announcement.jpgI definitely think this will be the best addition to the house we could have made!