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Hi, I’m Kristen – also known as The Concrete Runner. I’m a competitive runner, as well as full-time working mom, just trying to fit everything in to my daily life while keeping my sanity.

The Concrete Runner - stroller

I started writing The Concrete Runner back in the summer of 2010. At that time in my life, I was unemployed, looking for a full-time teaching job, as well as training for the Chicago Marathon. My husband Matt (also a teacher) and I were also on a mission to try every frozen custard stand in our hometown of St. Louis, as well as any others we might run into during our summer travels. As someone who has always had a passion for writing, blogging became my way of documenting my marathon training and our summer adventures. The name, The Concrete Runner, came as a fun little pun, combining my two passions at the time, running + frozen custard (“concretes” are similar to a DQ Blizzard).

While I still love eating frozen custard in the summer, my life has drastically changed since the beginning of this blog. Since then, I completed the Chicago Marathon (and haven’t run another marathon since), had a baby, became a middle school physical education teacher and coach, broke 20-minutes in the 5K (TWICE!), and had another baby. My passion for running is still there, but frozen custard has now been replaced with my love for my two kiddos.

The Concrete Runner is now much more than a way for me to continue documenting my running and my triumphs and struggles as a full-time working mom. I like to think of the “concrete” part of the name now as the road in front of me in life. I can no longer go backward, but have to continue going forward, no matter how difficult the challenges I face in life. Because, let’s face it, as any parent knows, being able to fit everything in while still continuing to work, train, write, etc., isn’t easy!

Now, not only am I blogging about how I personally fit running into my busy family + personal life, but I am now training other Mother Runners who are looking for ways to fit running and training into their busy lives.  I’ve always been passionate about coaching and I love being able to help other women achieve their running and fitness goals!

If you are wanting to start running or are looking to PR your next 5K, 10K, or half marathon, let me help you get you to the finish line on YOUR schedule with a training program suited for YOUR personal running goals!