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I really wanted to say that I don’t remember the last time I went this long without working out at all, but I took a week off after Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago.  And it was for the same reason I’m taking off now.  My stupid foot.

After going to the chiropractor last weekend, I was worried there was a possibility I had ruptured my plantar fascia.  He suggested I go get a second opinion.  So, I made an appointment and texted my chiropractor to let him know.  I also asked him for some recommendations for cross training.  He suggested none.

Say what now?!  None?!  Nope, not even a little.  The best thing I could do for my body was rest.  So, that’s what I did.  I rested.  All week.


And you know what, my foot has progressively gotten better throughout the week.  Yesterday was by far the best day so far, with little to no pain.

While I didn’t do any exercise, I did spend the week trying to rehab my foot.  My plan consisted of rest (obviously), ice, and stretching.  I remembered that I had been dealing with some Achilles tendon pain a few months ago and asked my chiro if it was my right leg or my left leg.  He confirmed, right leg – same leg that I’ve been dealing with PF for the past few months.  So, I’ve been trying to stretch out my calves a couple times a day.  I’ve also been doing trigger point massage and foam rolling once a day.


In addition to all the stretching and rest, I’ve been wearing a boot at night.  Of course, I’ve only made it 2 nights actually wearing it all night long, but I really believe it’s helping.


So, I go see the orthopedic doctor this afternoon.  I’m not nearly as nervous as I was a week ago, thinking that for sure I would be in a boot or possibly surgery, but I’m nervous he’s going to tell me another few weeks of no running.  Thankfully, he specializes in runners and athletes so I’m hoping he’ll understand how important getting back to running is, especially with Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis in 3 weeks.  My goal is to be at that starting line.  I might just be walking the 10K, but I’ll be there.  Ultimately, I’m hoping a week off was enough, and some PT and stretching is all required and I can start running again.

*sigh*  Here’s hoping…