a little m.e. time

As a working mom, I often get asked a lot how I am able to fit everything in.  Let me just say, it’s definitely not easy.  I work an 8 hour day with an hour (soon to be hour and a half) round-trip commute and have a very busy 2 year old who I love to spend time with.  Add in grad school, coaching, a blog, and actually trying to spend some of my extra time with my husband, and that leaves me very little time in the day to workout.

Thankfully, I feel like I’m pretty good a time management.  I can usually tell how long something is going to take me and I have learned to cut corners when I need to.  Plus, I’m big a big planner (in college, I would write down my schedule daily to the minute), so time management comes pretty easily to me.  And quite honestly, exercise is a top priority for me.  Ask Matt – he will tell you how unpleasant I am until I run or workout.

Unfortunately, the only time I have to workout during the week is usually at 4 AM.  That means, my sleep is pretty awful, at a mere 5 hours a night.  I love running and can always squeeze in time for a run, but when it comes to getting some strength training in, I really start to struggle.  CrossFit is quick, but somedays it’s just not quick enough for me.  I am always looking for ways to fit in a quick workout – and like I said Monday, things that I could do from home.

Enter in my friend Katie.  You remember Katie, right?

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.06.25 PM

Katie is also a working mom and she too struggles to find time to workout.  You would never know, right?!  But, she feels my pain.  She knows all too well how much working moms (and dads) want to spend time with their family while also staying active and healthy.  So, Katie has come up with an awesome concept called M.E. Time (My Exercise Time) – a workout DVD for busy moms and dads who just need a little time to fit in a workout.

Katie is just at the beginning of her campaign and is looking to raise money to fund the production of her workout DVD.  She only has a month to raise the money for this DVD.  This is something that I strongly believe in because I truly feel ANYONE can find time to workout!  Like she says, all you need is 10 minutes!  Katie is not paying me or giving me any perks (well, besides the ones I got from donating – woohoo for a Sweaty Selfie Workout Tank!) to promote this.  I truly feel that this is a worthy cause that can help so many people get and stay active and hopefully can lead to a reversal in the obesity epidemic that I am trying to change through my job as a P.E. teacher.

Please go check out her campaign and video and consider donating.  I did!  Even just $5 will help!