a day in the life of a two and a half year old

Hello Mama’s friends!  It’s Kenna!  I will be two and a half later this month and I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit of my day.  Because I’m sure all the other mommy’s (and daddy’s) know that with a sweet little toddler like me, every day is a little unpredictable.

Mama came in and woke me up at 6 AM.  I am almost always still sleeping when she wakes me up – I’m like my daddy and like my sleep!  But, I’m almost always happy to see my mama and I gave her a big hug this morning!  She changes my diaper and puts on my clothes and then we go into the bathroom to do my hair.  Once all that boring stuff is done, we get to go downstairs to eat cereal and watch Ella the Elephant!  It’s my favorite part of the morning, especially because I get chocolate cereal!

Kenna - breakfast

Mama tried to force a banana on me, but I handed it back to her because I didn’t want it.  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Mama in the morning – she is usually making her smoothie while I eat breakfast and then leaves for work before I am finished.  But I always make sure I give her a hug and a kiss before she leaves.

The rest of the morning I spend with my Daddy.  We eat cereal with milk together and watch TV before we have to go to my babysitter’s house.  I don’t really like when my mom and dad take me there, but I like to play with the kids.  Daddy always lets me bring a toy with me too – today I brought my cell phone with me.  But the little babies wanted to play with it so Stacy had to take it away from me and hide it.

I get to watch Spongebob and Bubble Guppies at the babysitter’s and get to eat chicken nuggets for lunch and a cookie for a snack!  I think I slept pretty well in the afternoon but I don’t remember.  It must have been a good nap because before I knew it, Mama was there to pick me up!

I’m still a little confused about why we don’t go to our house anymore.  Mama says that we are living with my Gigi and Pawpaw but I don’t know why we can’t do that at the old house.  So, now we have to drive a lot farther to get to Gigi and Pawpaw’s, but that means that we get to sing in the car!  My favorite song right now is Timber and I even know some of the words by memory now!  I only like to hear that song on the radio and then I want to listen to my Choo Choo Soul CD – it’s my favorite!

Kenna - singing in the car

When we got to Gigi and Pawpaw’s, my cousin Braden was there.  I don’t really like him very much though, especially when my Mama wants to hold him.  I get pretty jealous but I make sure my Mama doesn’t forget about me by going to sit on her lap when she’s holding Braden.  I don’t understand why she likes holding him so much.  I think he’s pretty boring and I would rather play on Mama’s phone.


When Gigi gets home, it’s time for dinner!  Mama put some spaghetti, blueberries, and yogurt on my plate.  I don’t even care about anything but the yogurt though.  I eat it as fast as I can and then beg Mama for more, but she won’t give it to me so I throw a huge fit.  All I want is yogurt and she won’t give me anything else until I eat some spaghetti or blueberries but I don’t want to eat those!  I just want yogurt!  She gave me some macaroni and cheese and I ate a few bites of that, but I was still really mad at her, so I just kept on screaming and crying until Mama finally gave up and made me take a bath.

Kenna - dinner

I like baths a lot but since I was mad, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do.  All I wanted was yogurt.  But Aunt Sara came to pick up Braden so I calmed down and let Mama put lotion and my PJs on so I could go see Aunt Sara.  Mama also let me have a banana with some peanut butter because she could hear my tummy was still hungry.

Kenna - bananas

Once I finished my banana, we had a tea party and ate some fruit snacks together.  I really wanted M&M’s, but Mama said no.  That’s OK though – I had fun playing tea party with her.

Kenna - tea party

We didn’t get to play long before it was time to go night night.  I went and brushed my teeth – and now I can stand on my step stool/potty and see my picture in the mirror!  It’s really fun!  When I am done, Mama read me 2 stories – one with Elmo going potty and another one with animals that I can pet.  Then we said our prayers and Mama put me to bed after kissing me a bunch of times.  I think she was giving me Daddy’s kisses too because he was coaching.

Pretty soon, I was sleeping.  Like I said, I really like my sleep.  And I think that makes Mama happy!

  • Gigi

    Ah, the life of a 2 year old! Love you so much, Kenna — and really like seeing you every day!

  • Gotta love 2 year olds! Actually 2 1/2 is when it gets really fun 🙂 At least in my opinion. We are at the CONSTANT question stage. Well, constant talking for that matter… Like I said, gotta love two year olds!

    • Kristen

      OMG. She’s going to drive me crazy when she gets to that stage!

  • Oh my goodness! This sounds so much like my 2 year old. They can be so wishy washy, can’t they? Love something one day and hate it the next. Haha! Seems like you roll with it pretty well, though; I get frustrated too often. I constantly have to remind myself she’s only two. 😉 Peanut butter and banana makes everything all better!
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  • This is amazing. I’m not necessarily falling in love at the moment, but should I get to that point…. I want this handy.Imperfect relationship perfection!
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