a day in my life of food

I thought I would do something a little different today.  I talk about frozen custard A LOT, but really, frozen custard doesn’t make up that much of my diet.  In fact, I tend to eat pretty healthy despite all the frozen custard I consume.

One thing pregnancy has taught me is how to listen to my body and fuel it with things that make me feel good and give me energy.  It’s not that I wasn’t doing that before I was pregnant – I was just more concerned about how much I was putting in my body than actually listening to my body.  I used to count calories pretty religiously, but in the past few months I have realized that all I needed to do was continue to eat healthy, listen to the cues my body was giving me, and not worry so much about my weight.

So, I wanted to show you a day in my life of food.  My meals aren’t the same every day, but they don’t stray too far from this.  I might have cereal instead of oatmeal and a veggie sandwich instead of a salad, but this is typically how I eat.  As long as I am eating healthy (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.) 80 percent of the time and not beating myself up over eating some candy or frozen custard from time to time.  I think yesterday was a prime example of how you can eat healthy foods but still enjoy the foods you love…



A large bowl of oatmeal.  I always make my oatmeal the same way, with milk (this time, soymilk), half a banana, and flaxseeds, and then change it up with different mix-ins.  Today I went with blueberries + strawberries, and even added a little bit of cottage cheese in with it to up the protein content.  I know, it sounds weird, but I promise, it gives it an almost cheesecake-like flavor.  And of course, you gotta add toppings – my favorites are granola and nut butter (sunflower butter in this bowl).



I eat salads pretty regularly, although it was pretty difficult to stomach at the beginning of my pregnancy.  Nothing a little ranch dressing couldn’t take care of – something I hadn’t eaten in over a year.  But, it got me eating my veggies again.


A delicious salad made with romaine, Roma tomato, cheddar, broccoli, red pepper, and three-cheese ranch dressing.  Some grapes and a slice of whole wheat bread with butter to round out my meal.




Oops, how’d those sneak in there?  My lunch didn’t quite satisfy me, so I ate a handful or two of my favorite candy in the entire world.  I have been craving these like mad lately.

And a little later, when hunger struck again, I had a little bowl of Goldfish crackers and 2 string cheese – because you know you can’t just eat one!  (Can you tell I have been craving cheese?)



Matt had his Open House at school last night, so I was on my own for dinner.  Usually I make my own veggie bowl, but luckily for me, I received a box of frozen goodies from Birds Eye as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.  I don’t buy a lot of frozen meals except for the occasional faux meat product, but I was happy to try Birds Eye’s Chef’s Favorites out since it meant not having to dirty extra dishes.


I decided to try the Primavera Vegetable Risotto and took a tip from Meghann and added some chickpeas to it to (again) up the protein content.  It was a little bland for my liking, but nothing some garlic pepper couldn’t take care of!  Otherwise, it was a delicious meal on a lonely Tuesday evening.



I’m not even going to beat around the bush here – it’s not an after dinner snack for me.  It’s dessert.  And I eat it Every. Single. Night.  It’s usually NOT frozen custard, but I just so happened to have a Mint Chip concrete leftover from my header photo shoot last week.  I ate about half (it’s twice as big as the size I normally get) and saved the rest for when another frozen custard craving strikes.


And what do ya know?  Eating like this on a regular basis has kept me steadily gaining the right amount of weight for pregnancy, and I’m confident that it will help me get back to where I was pre-pregnancy.  No need to count calories anymore…

  • Jen

    I eat pretty much the same way as you! I eat very healthy meals, but I need a real dessert every night. And I usually have a piece or two of candy after lunch. I’ve eaten like this my whole life and never had a weight problem so I’m not about to change it.
    All of your food looks delicious!
    Jen recently posted..Week 23 pregnancy update

  • it looks like you eat well to me! 🙂 i have the same breakfast every day too – oats with different mix ins each day!
    sarah (sarah learns) recently posted..back to lab meals

  • I think the fact that this pregnancy has nixed your calorie counting habit is AWESOME! I’ve never been one to count so I can’t really relate, but I do know sometimes I get caught up in food worries…which is silly! Life is too short to stress about that—I want to eat healthily and still enjoy my favorites, which is totally how you eat!
    natalie (the sweets life) recently posted..Grilled Chicken and Peaches Salad

    • Kristen

      Well, anyone who loves sweets as much as me is cool in my book! ;o)