2016 goals

First of all, I just want to take the time to say thank you for reading my little blog.  I’m finishing up my 5th year of blogging now and to say I’ve come a long way is quite the understatement.  This blog has given me opportunities I had never thought possible, as well as countless friendships with people across the nation.  What started as a way to document my marathon training and give Matt and me something to do during a summer off has morphed into something I look forward to doing as a way to document our family life along with my racing career.  So, thank you for your continued support for the last 5 years!


One of the reasons I start off with a short thank you is because one of my goals this year is to really work on my blog.  While the content on my blog will remain about running and my life as a working mom, expect to see some changes around here to make this blog bigger and better!

OK, on to the real goals…


1. Run 1 race each month.  After almost 2 years of little to no racing, I’m ready to jump back in and become competitive again.  So, one of my goals is to do one race per month.  Of course I’m going to have some bigger goal races (I’ll get to that in a second), but I’ll be running some smaller, fun races too.


2. Run a sub-1:35 half marathon.  OK, so I’ll be honest.  My brother has it in his head that we can run under 1:30 at GO! St. Louis this year.  But, I’m going to make my goal a little less lofty and just attempt to PR at the half this year.  I’m super, duper nervous about this, but I’m going to do my best and hope and pray my brother can just drag me along with him… 6:52/mile for 13.1 miles is a little outrageous to me…

3.  Do yoga at least 1 day per week.  I feel like part of the reason I have been dealing with multiple injuries is my absolute lack of flexibility.  Some of my best years in running were when I was doing some sort of yoga.  So, the plan is 1 yoga session per week in hopes to gain some flexibility and relaxation.

Other Stuff

1. Read at least 10 pages per day.  This was one of my goals last year and I did great until August when I went back to school and was no longer nursing Miles before bed.  I ended up reading 5 or 6 books last year, so I’m hoping I can get up to 10 this year.

2. Save some money.  So, a new house, sending a kid to preschool and another to the babysitter, a new car payment, and the fact that IKEA opened a few months ago in St. Louis means saving money in 2015 was pretty slim.  I try to put any extra income we get each month into our savings, but more months we were over budget.  This is the first year where I really feel we don’t have anything we HAVE to spend money on.  However, there are still things we want to do around our house – and we have two kids that we need to put through preschool, and maybe start a college fund for them.  While we do have money saved up, it would be nice to have a little bit of a cushion should something happen to our jobs, extra duty contracts, etc.  I’m hoping to do the 52-week money challenge starting with saving $52 the first week and working my way down to $1 on week 52.  I’ve also been looking for other sources of income, like maybe teaching some group exercise classes or doing some side jobs at home, but nothing official yet.

3. Complete 3 things on my bucket list.  I decided to start a bucket list a few months ago as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone and give me some goals to work for all the time.  I haven’t decided which 3 I’m doing yet, but I’ve been eyeing learning how to play the guitar/ukulele.  Who knows – maybe my side gig will be singing and playing guitar at a coffee house?!  A girl can dream, right?!

  • carla birnberg

    I was just laughing to a friend last night how, for like the fifth year running, I making that yoga resolution. Starting off slowly. One class a week and not starting until next week 🙂

  • Sounds like GREAT goals!!

  • These sound awesome! Getting back into running races is on my goal list too!

  • Kalee @ SoreyFitness.com

    Congratulations on hitting 5 years blogging!! That is awesome and so exciting! We have a lot of the same goals this year! 🙂 I am working on my bucket list, fitness, and personal development with reading for this year!

  • Michelle

    Running the GO! St. Louis half is one of my goals this year too. I’ve run a couple different ones in the past but I want to get this one under my belt and get a PR. Good luck, I look forward to reading your blog this year!