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Both Lisa and Madeline tagged me to do this.  Let me just say, it’s hard thinking of 11 random things about myself and 11 more questions to go along with it!

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11 random things about me:

1.  I am scared of balloons and have been my entire life.  I think it has something to do with the loud popping sounds, as I am also scared of guns and fireworks.

2.  I don’t think I could do anything else for my career that didn’t involve wearing workout clothes on a daily basis.

3.  I absolutely HATE air blowing on me.  I keep my car on defrost just so that it will be warm on the inside but not physically blowing on me.

4.  I don’t take naps or baths.  Or at least very often.  If I take a nap, it’s either because I’m really tired or sick.  And I just don’t like sitting in my own filth in a bathtub.

5.  I am 1/16th Potawatomi Indian.  My great-great (-great?) grandmother was born in a teepee.

6.  Matt and I started dating on my 17th birthday.  He was almost 21.  Yes, probably illegal, but…

7.  We waited until marriage.  Both of us.  And most of my friends did too.  I’m lucky to have people with the same values as I do in my life.

8.  I’m not scared of heights, but I am scared of falling, so I avoid most heights in which I could fall, like cliffs, bungee jumping, etc.

9.  I want a tattoo really, really bad.  I want to get mac tattooed on the side of my right foot, and I think eventually I will, I just got to get my courage up.

10.  My hair hasn’t been this long since I got married.  While I love it long, I don’t like the fact that when it’s down, M is constantly grabbing it.

11.  I am actually pretty shy and am not a big talker (I get that from my dad).  Teaching + blogging have opened me up a little more, but I would much rather write than talk since I have time to think before something stupid comes out.

A random mix of both Lisa + Madeline’s questions:

1. What’s your current fitness goal? Training for the GO! St. Louis half marathon and just generally trying to lose the baby weight.

2. iPhone or Android? I LOVE my iPhone!

3. Favorite healthy snack? Lately, Chobani greek yogurt with granola.

4. How much sleep do you get? Hahaha, obviously this is coming from a new mom!  Luckily, MacKenna has been sleeping through the night, but I typically only get about 6 hours of sleep, which is just enough for me to function.

5. Favorite HS/college memory? Matt proposing.  The weekend before fall finals, he drove 3 hours up to my college apartment to light candles and cover my apartment in rose pedals while my friends mischievously decided to go out to breakfast as a pre-finals treat.  I was beyond surprised to walk into my apartment to find Matt standing there, waiting to propose.  It was perfect!

6. Did you play sports? Yup, 4 years of volleyball, 2 years of basketball, 2 years of track in high school.  Wish I would have ran all 4 years of track, but I’m not sure I’d still be running today had I ran all 4 years.

7. Have you ever broken anything? Dislocated + broke my right ring + pinkie fingers playing soccer (I got pushed and fell on them), my left thumb playing powder puff football, and a stress fracture in my right foot from running.

8. If given one million dollars, how would you spend it? I’d pay off our current house, car, and student loans, then buy a new, bigger house in a nicer neighborhood.  I think we’d both still continue to work, but I might take off until M (and subsequent other children) were school age.

9. What’s the fitness goal you’ve accomplished that makes you most proud? My 5K PR or 19:58.  Someday, I will break that PR again.  I want to be a consistent sub-20 5K-er.

10. Which kitchen utensil do you use most often? A spatula – I cook everything with it!

11. Would you wake a sleeping baby? I do almost every day to feed M before I leave for work.  She rarely ever fusses when I wake her, luckily.

Random questions for you:

1.  What’s your most irrational fear?
2.  What’s your dream job?
3.  Are you a napper or can you do without naps?
4.  Do you have any tattoos or random piercings?
5.  How do you like to spend the weekend?
6.  What’s your favorite dessert?
7.  If you could go to any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
8.  What was your major when you first started college and did you graduate with that same major?
9.  Beer or wine?
10.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
11.  Hair up or down?

Who I’m tagging:

Maria @ Real Fit Mama, Hannah @ Hannah Violin, Natalie @ The Sweets Life, Melissa @ Piece of Cupcake Life, Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine, Abby @ Abby Normally, Sarah @ Sarah Learns, Kaci @ Ellyphant, Samantha @ My Feet in Motion, Heidi @ Bundles of Hugs, Carlee @ Tiny Purple Runner

  • I will do this tag soon! Loved reading your answers, I hate baths too. Gross. =)

    • Kristen

      Yay! Can’t wait to read it! I know you’re a little busy right now! 😉

  • We waited until we were married too. I seriously thought we were two of the few! Kinda nice to know we’re not alone. And we started dating when he was 16 and I was 17.

    • Kristen

      You’re definitely not alone! Like I said, most of my friends waited too! Love knowing there’s someone else in the blogosphere out there with my same beliefs!

  • Great answers! We waited till getting married, too. I hear you on fear oof falling and air blowing on you!
    heather recently posted..Rouge Orleans Details

    • Kristen

      Love hearing people with the same outlook on waiting til marriage!

  • Lee

    I am the opposite in the car; I love the air (hot or cold) blowing directly on me! I’m also afraid of guns. My husband is constantly trying to get me to go to a shooting range with him to get over my fear, but I just don’t want to!
    Lee recently posted..Test Run in My New Shoes

    • Kristen

      Matt loves the air blowing on him, it’s definitely a power struggle! My FIL got a gun for Christmas a few years ago, it freaks me out…

  • aw this was fun! thanks for the tag–Abby tagged me too so I’m going to do this sometime soon–prob not for a few weeks bc i have so many drafts written.
    loved learning more about you! 🙂
    natalie (the sweets life) recently posted..Valentine’s Day Treats for your Loves

  • Jen

    This was so much fun to read – LOVE the proposal story! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Kristen

      Oh, thanks!