30 weeks on my 30th birthday

I’m totally a numbers person, so it excites me so much that the day I turn 30 years old is also the same day that I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my little guy!  Seriously, not even I could have planned that happening!  I realized it a few weeks ago and was totally pumped about it.  I’m hoping it’s a sign that this is going to be the start of a great birthday, a great week (it’s very likely my LAST week of volleyball, although I do have parent-teacher conferences this week too), and a great year.

I think I’m one of the crazy ones who has actually been looking forward to my 30th birthday.  Sure, it sort of freaks me out that I am actually 30 (although I look like I’m 18 still), but I feel like such a milestone means big things are headed my way and that it’s my opportunity to start really focusing on what’s important in my life and what I’m passionate about.  I learned so much about myself in my 20s, but I think my 30s mean it’s time to really “home in” on what exactly I want out of life.  And I feel like I’m well on my way to a good start – a brand new house, a new baby in just 9-10 weeks, and I’m sure more career changes are on the way too (don’t worry, nothing on the horizon yet, but I am looking for something new, whether in teaching or in the fitness/running industry, I’m not sure yet).  Plus, everyone has told me that your 30s are the best years of your life, so I’m ready for those years to start!

OK, enough about me, time to talk baby!


Baby Bump 2 - 30 weeks

I had my 28 weeks appointment (a week late) last Friday.  Baby sounded good and is measuring right on track!  MacKenna always measured a week or two behind, so to me, this is a good sign!  By now, I’ve gained about 20 pounds total, which is exactly where I was with MacKenna, but I feel so much better about myself this time around.  I’ve pretty much only gained weight in my tummy, but I can tell I’ve gotten a little softer (especially in my arms) since I’ve really been slacking on doing any sort of weight training lately.  I totally expect to gain another 10-15 pounds in the next 10 weeks, which just seems totally crazy since I feel huge already.  But, I know I still have room to grow!  And thankfully, I now have fall/winter maternity clothes to wear, thanks to birthday presents!


In the last few weeks, I really haven’t had to many besides my normal exhaustion.  I have been having some contractions, but they are few and far between.  Unfortunately, I am finding myself becoming more and more picky about what I’m eating.  I haven’t made a salad for lunch in weeks, but I think that’s mostly because I’m too lazy/busy to spend the time making one.  I haven’t had too many cravings lately… well, besides pasta con broccoli, thanks to the delicious one my aunt made a few weeks ago and I have been wanting ever since.

Other than that, still no swelling, rings are still on, and no stretch marks (yet)!  I’ll talk a little more about how I’m trying to prevent stretch marks, but I am also thankful for good genetics with that one.  My linea nigra is starting to appear and cholasma (dark spots) on my face are starting to show up as well.  And my skin is becoming super sensitive – my tummy itches constantly and I can only wear certain material on my skin, otherwise I will itch like crazy.  But, I really don’t mind all those things too much – they’re just my reminder that I’m growing a human inside of me!


Due to lack of sleep lately and just plain exhaustion, I’ve definitely cut back on my running.  I’m still running 5-6 days each week, but usually 2-3 miles during the week with a 5 mile run on the weekends.  I haven’t done any weight training in several weeks because I’m choosing to sleep in 15-30 minutes instead of doing an at-home CrossFit workout or PiYo video, but with the end of volleyball in sight, I’m excited not only to get back in to strength training, but also to start running in the afternoon again!  I love getting up early to run, but my body is craving for sleep!  It’ll be nice to start going to be a little earlier as well.  10:30 bedtimes with 4 AM wakeups are not good for this already exhausted pregnant lady!

I will admit that I’m still thrilled with my pace though!  I average usually between 9:30-10:30/mile each run, including my walking breaks.  I’ve definitely been walking less lately, but mostly because our neighborhood and running trails are fairly flat.  I’m hoping this means I will return to my pre-pregnancy pace quickly post-pregnancy and after I get the all-clear to run again.  I am enjoying pregnant running, but am so looking forward to some speed training again!  I’m starting to eye some races in the spring (possibly GO! St. Louis with my brother again, but I’ll only be 4 months postpartum), as well as some fall races.  I’m looking forward to running a race (not actually racing) in the next few weeks in Branson – it’s one of my favorite races of the year!  Of course, I won’t be defending my title this year though…


Baby Stuff

Moose has certainly been enjoying himself.  He likes to hang out transverse and kick my back (which I hate because I don’t feel him nearly as much) or my cervix (which I also hate because it’s freaking uncomfortable).  He’s definitely an active little fella, that’s for sure!

Nothing new on the nursery front, except that I actually have an idea in mind on the layout of his room!  We’re still waiting on his bedding to come in and I have been waiting to pick out a paint color until I actually had the time to paint.  His room and big sister Kenna’s room will be painted in the next weeks.  It’s crazy to think of just how soon he is going to be here.  I told myself I wasn’t going to be that mom who waited until the last minute to get stuff ready for the second baby, but I’m starting to see myself falling into that pattern!  I have NO idea what I still need for him, but I know we still need a ton of stuff!  Ha!  We will get there eventually… I just need to stop procrastinating!

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baby bump #2: 26, 27, and 28 weeks

Guess who’s back?!  After living in our new house for 2 weeks now, we are finally connected to the internet again!  Nothing like paying for the internet and not being able to find everything you need to actually connect.  Turns out, the modem and wireless router I had been searching for were both properly labeled and just hanging out in the basement.  Ugh.  I’ll blame pregnancy brain…

Here’s what you’ve missed the past few weeks…




We were so busy moving in 2 weeks ago that I forgot to take a bump picture.  So, no 26 week picture, but we were able to remember to get both 27 and 28 weeks pictures in front of the new house!  It’s definitely growing (although I really feel like it looks much smaller in person)!  And we are now officially heading in to the final stretch in the third trimester.  So crazy!  It’s gone by so fast so far, and I know that it will continue to fly by these last 12 (possibly 11, but I’ll get to that later) weeks.


Besides the constant exhaustion and pregnancy brain (I won’t even go into all the things I have forgotten to do the past few weeks), I have actually had a few contractions the past few weeks.  Only Braxton hicks contractions, but I am definitely feeling them.  I am also starting to get uncomfortable, but not nearly as much as I was with MacKenna at this time.  I can’t sit straight up anymore, I have to lean back, and I am definitely slowing down physically.  But, that’s to be expected.  I feel like this pregnancy has been super easy so far and I thank God for that daily!  I’m so thankful that I have felt so good the majority of this pregnancy, as I know I am one of the lucky ones.


I’m not going to go into as much detail this week just because I am covering 3 weeks worth of workouts (and Lord knows I can’t even remember what I ran this morning).  But, like I said with my symptoms, I’m definitely slowing down.  Not my pace, but I know I’m going to have to start cutting back on my mileage.  Pubic symphasis pain is real and not to be messed with.  And unfortunately, it’s only when I do my long runs.  I know my days are numbered, but I am definitely feeling good on my runs at this point.

In fact, I’ve actually been running faster lately than I have in a long time.  Still some slower runs, but I’ve also been doing some sub-9 minute mile runs as well.  And I’ve absolutely been loving the trails by our house the last 2 weeks.  Of course, I went exploring and ran much farther last week than I had intended, but it’s nice to have a flat-ish place to run and not have to worry about cars.


Currently, I’m averaging between 15 and 18 miles per week, which is much less than I wish I was running at this point, but I’m trying to be patient and just remind myself to enjoy these runs as much as possible.

Baby Stuff

We are far from getting anything done in Moose’s nursery.  The crib is still at my parents’ house, the walls have yet to be painted, and we are still waiting for the bedding to come in.  For the most part, I have it figured out, but we still aren’t totally moved in yet (we are waiting on a ton of furniture – and blinds) before I can even begin to start thinking about his nursery.

Moose is an active little guy for sure!  He spends much of the day kicking and rolling around and making me pat my belly or try to push him back down.  And I absolutely LOVE it!  It’s so fun to have a very active baby, since MacKenna’s placenta was anterior and I didn’t get to feel her kicks nearly as much.  Certainly takes away much of my anxiety with him kicking me constantly!

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baby bump #2: 25 weeks

Sorry for my lack of posting last week.  It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, with volleyball (I’m sooooo over having games 3 nights a week) and our impending move.  But, the good news is:  IT’S CLOSING DAY!  That’s right!  We close on our house today!!!!!!!  Can you tell I’m just a little excited?!  We had our pre-closing walk through last week and we are headed back to the house today for a quick closing walk through to make sure they took care of all the last minute things we asked them to do.  I wish I could say that we were also moving in today, but since I have games the next 2 nights, the move will have to wait until the weekend (when I have my first tournament, of course).  But, it looks absolutely fantastic!  Tons of natural light, a big kitchen, and a playroom for the kiddos (which will go back to being the dining room it was intended to be once they hit puberty).  I cannot wait to show you the finished product!

Anyway, on to other important things…


Pregnancy - 25 weeks

I had my 24 weeks checkup last Friday.  Everything seems great according to the doctor.  I didn’t ask for any measurements – no weight, no fundal height, not even the heart beat.  It just really didn’t seem to important.  With MacKenna, she honestly didn’t even measure my fundal height until I was probably 32 weeks, so I was pretty surprised when she did it.  I looked at my weight when they weighed me, but I had a hoodie and running shoes on, so I’m sure the throws it off at least a little bit, right?  I’m not concerned though.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained more so far than I did with Kenna at this point, but I’m OK with that.  I still feel good and he seems to be happy and healthy, so that’s all that really matters.


Nothing really too new this week.  I’m tired, of course.  My heartburn has been a little better, except for one night after eating pasta.  I only had leg cramps one night this week – SCORE!  And I’ve been sleeping fairly well.  Some pubic symphisis pain as the week went on, but after an adjustment by the chiropractor, it felt much better.  So, I’m sitting pretty at this point.  I give it about 2 more weeks – once I hit the 3rd trimester, all bets are off.


I had a really great week of workouts this week!  Did I get in everything I wanted to this week?  No, but I adjusted and gave my body what it was asking for – sleep – while also getting in some good workouts.  It’s all about compromise and just listening to what my body needs right now.  It’s difficult getting out of the mindset that I need to get a certain amount of miles in or run a certain amount of days, but I’m trying really hard to just go with the flow and not worry about it.

Monday:  4 mile run
Tuesday:  2 mile treadmill run (opted for some extra sleep)
Wednesday:  PiYo Strength Intervals
Thursday:  4 mile run
Friday:  2.5 mile treadmill run + PiYo Lower Body
Saturday:  rest day
Sunday:  5 mile run
Total:  17.5 miles


Baby Stuff

I wish I could say that I had a ton of baby stuff to talk about, but quite honestly, everything that I could say that is baby related probably deserves a post of it’s own.  I’ve been trying not to spend too much time on baby stuff outside of these weekly posts since I don’t want my blog to be too baby heavy, but I know that discussions about first vs. second child/pregnancy, labor and birth options, boy vs. girl, timing of children would all probably be too lengthy to post here.

I feel like I’m sort of to the point in this pregnancy where things are easy.  My appointments are all 15 minutes or less (even my glucose test which I did this past week) and just aren’t too exciting.  There are no showers to look forward to and the nursery isn’t going to happen until closer to due date.  Boring, right?

Matt’s grandma did bring up a good point today.  Matt was a preemie, born right around this time in his mom’s pregnancy.  His grandma told him today that he needed to start talking to Moose about staying put until it’s really time.  It is crazy to think that in reality, this child could make his appearance at any time.  I mean, the likelihood of that happening is pretty small, but it definitely made it seem a little more real.  So, we’re just going to keep praying that he follows in his big sister’s footsteps and decides to Mama’s womb is too comfy and wants to stay in there as long as possible.

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