mizuno waverider 18 review

**Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I received these shoes to review and was compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.**

One of the things I am looking forward to most post-pregnancy is getting back into serious training.  I will admit that I’m definitely enjoying the “no pressure” running that I am doing now and just kind of going with the flow, running whatever is comfortable for me currently.  But, I have that longing to be running hard again and it’s really hard for me to admit that running is incredibly hard while pregnant.

Anyway, I haven’t really even started thinking about racing or training post-pregnancy yet, but I know that when it comes to hardcore training, I need to be equipped with the right shoe for my training.

About a year and a half ago, I switch to a lightweight training and racing shoe and fell in love.  It was absolutely the perfect feel for my feet.  Earlier this year, before I got pregnant, I started training with two pairs of shoes in order to extend the life of my shoes.  However, I was training with the same shoe, just in a different color.  So, while they looked pretty and I’m still using the same 2 pairs of shoes, it wasn’t doing anything to really change or improve my training and racing.

What I really need is a shoe that I can wear daily or every other day that will not only make me a faster runner, but also help improve my running efficiency.  As someone who has worn the same brand of running shoe for the last 10+ years of running, I was pleasantly surprised with my first few runs with the Mizuno WaveRider 18s.


The Mizuno WaveRider 18s are a lightweight, neutral running shoe that is made to fit the foot and running style of a variety of runners.  I will admit that my first run in these shoes I wasn’t quite sure that I liked them.  But, it was mostly because of my foot structure and the fact that the shoes I am use to have less of a heel lift and are quite a bit lighter than these shoes.  It was… different.

However, my second run in the WaveRider 18s and I was starting to change my tune a little bit.  I really liked the way they forced me to land on my forefoot instead of on my heel with each foot strike.  I have been working on this for several years now, but it has always been forced (although it is becoming much more natural now).  These shoes made it automatic for me, where I didn’t have to think about how I was landing.  Plus, I felt like my foot was completely supported with each foot strike.  Definitely confidence boosting!


The WaveRider 18s are considered a lightweight running shoes, yet I found them to be a bit heavier than my current running shoes.  However, this is something I really liked about them.  Because I am used to something even lighter, a heavier shoe can definitely be an advantage in my training.  And the next day, switching back to my regular shoes, I could definitely feel the difference in a very good way!  Had I worn the WaveRider 18s the day before a race and then switched to my “racing” shoes the day of the race, I think I would feel like I was flying no matter what speed I was going!


So, I feel like I found the shoe that can really help me get back to my previous speed post pregnancy.  While this could definitely be another runner’s every day running shoe, for me, the WaveRider 18s would be something that I could see myself wearing on some of my shorter, easier runs, as well as training runs just before a race.  I think they will for sure make their way into my training!

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baby bump #2: 31 weeks

Happy Halloween Week!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m definitely looking forward to a week of middle schoolers hopped up on sugar in anticipation for Friday night.  (Please note the sarcasm there…)  In all honesty though, I truly am looking forward to taking MacKenna trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood with our wonderful neighbors Friday night.  We did get an early start yesterday with Trunk-or-Treat at our church.



Isn’t my nephew adorable?!  Love his fat little cheeks!  I’m hoping Moose and him will be best buddies – they’ll be almost exactly a year apart in age!


Baby Bump 2 - 31 weeks

Not looking too much bigger this week, but looking back just a few weeks and I can definitely tell a difference.  I’m almost to the point where my small t-shirts don’t quite fit anymore, but am stretching (both figuratively and literally) it with them a little bit by wearing maternity tank tops underneath.  Mostly so my belly doesn’t show at the bottom though.


Volleyball ended Tuesday but I still had a busy week with Parent-Teacher conferences, so I was still waking up early.  But, because I wasn’t bringing home work and getting home at a decent time, I actually felt fairly well rested this week!  (As I yawn while writing this…)  I’m definitely looking forward to less stress and hoping that helps with my constant sleepiness at least a little bit.

Still having some pubic symphysis pain, mostly after running or sitting for long periods of time, which my chiropractor said is pretty normal with all the pressure that I’m putting on that area.  I woke up with hip pain yesterday too, but after a few hours, it finally went away.  I think I just slept for too long on that side of my body.

My skin is also becoming even more sensitive lately.  If I’m hot or cold, I don’t want anything touching my body.  I just feel itchy all the time and clothes are just not very comfortable.  I think I’ve finally reached the point in pregnancy where I’m just not going to be comfortable anymore.  But, I’ve had a good run up until this point, right?!


I actually had a really great week of workouts, thanks to not being as exhausted as I have been the last month or so.  I’m still not doing any strength training right now because sleep is just more important and I’m still busy in the afternoons after school, but my plan is to start up again next week.  Now, it’s just deciding if I want to lift weights or focus on PiYo.  Lifting weights will allow me to get a full night’s sleep because I can run and lift after work in the afternoon.  PiYo I would have to wake up early to do since I know I won’t have the motivation to do it at home in the evenings/afternoons.  I also think I’m getting to the point where it might be too difficult to do down dogs, etc.  I won’t lie… I’m looking forward to post-pregnancy workouts in January!

Monday:  3 mile easy run (9:53/mile)
Tuesday:  2 mile easy run (10:11/mile)
Wednesday:  2 mile easy run (10:22/mile)
Thursday:  3 mile easy run (10:36/mile)
Friday:  3 mile easy run (10:22/mile)
Saturday:  4 mile run with the jogging stroller (11:07/mile)
Sunday:  rest day

Baby Stuff

After procrastinating for long enough, I finally got something done for our little guy!  I found the cutest moose fleece one-piece outfit for our Moose to wear home from the hospital!  I know, it’s not much, but it’s about as much as I’ve had time to do lately.  But, I am realizing more and more just how much stuff we need to do, get, and figure out in 8 weeks!

Matt and I have also decided that we desperately need a babymoon!  We weren’t planning on doing one, but after a very long fall sports season for both of us, we are really needing some time for just the two of us.  We simply haven’t had that time lately and know that it’s important to make time for our marriage before we add another baby to the mix.  So, we’re taking suggestions on places to spend a weekend away.  We are thinking the first weekend in December within a few hours of St. Louis that is neither Branson (we simply can’t go without MacKenna – she has been asking all weekend to go to Silver Dollar City) nor Kansas City (where we went on our first babymoon).  Some place we can drive to after work on Friday (I’m trying to save up as many days as I can and can’t afford to take anymore days off) and come back on Sunday that also has good dining and inexpensive things to do.  We’ve had Galena, Illinois; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Hermann, Missouri; and Nashville/Memphis all mentioned.  But, we will take any suggestions!  Shoot, I’d even do a staycation in St. Louis if we need to, but we’d really need good suggestions because I feel like we’ve done everything in town.


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mackenna: 3 years

I’m going to totally be *that* mom right now, but how the heck do I have a THREE year old already?!  I seriously feel like I was just pregnant with her, and now she’s going to be a big sister in about 2 months (OK, that’s even scarier)!  My mom has been commenting all week about how she can’t believe she has a 30 year old.  I feel like I’m going to blink and MacKenna will be graduating from high school, college, getting married, and having her own kids.  Ugh.  Slow down, time.  Please?!

We spent a wonderful weekend with our Big Girl celebrating turning another year older.  We started her birthday off with a trip to the donut shop down the street for some donuts and then having all her little friends (and our friends and family too) over to celebrate her birthday, Bubble Guppies style!  It was probably the best birthday we’ve had with her yet, since we weren’t worrying about her sudden lazy eye or being rushed getting a party together at someone else’s house.  We truly enjoyed her birthday, and I think our little princess felt the love as well.  She sure is one loved little girl!


So, what has our little 3 year old been up to lately?  Even though the babysitter promised to have her potty trained by her 3rd birthday, Kenna is still wearing diapers or pullups.  She really has no urge to even try to use the potty, but will usually sit on it when asked.  (She did have a few drips in the toilet on Monday, but that’s about as much as we’ve gotten out of her.)  At this point, I’m not pushing it too much.  I’ve learned that she likes to do things in her own time and eventually she’ll get there, so even if I have 2 kids in diapers for a few months, I know that it won’t be like that forever.  Plus, we’ll have a little more incentive when she starts preschool next year since she can’t be in diapers.

MacKenna is also now in a twin sized bed full time since we moved into our new house last month.  We were really nervous about the transition, especially with it being a completely new and different environment, but she has been sleeping great!  (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!! — OMG, I’m not even kidding you, an hour after I wrote this she woke up.  Ugh.  Thankfully, she went back to bed fairly easily…)  She goes to bed around 8 every night (some nights a little later because I want to see her) and wakes up around 7 AM on the weekends, but I get her up at 6 AM during the week to get her ready to go to the babysitter.  She has only woken up once in the middle of the night since the move and seems to absolutely LOVE her Big Girl bed!  She shows it off to everyone who comes over!  I can’t wait to actually finish get her room all put together now that I have time again!

Eating definitely has not changed – she’s still as picky as ever but will thankfully eat some fruits and vegetables, although bread and cereal are typically her first choices.  She’s definitely a little peanut, only wearing 18 to 24 month clothing, although I put her in 2T’s because it’s hard to find shirts that aren’t onesies for her in baby sizes.  I haven’t weighed her in months, but I doubt she’s broken the 30 pound mark.  I think her size really affects her coordination – she’s still behind developmentally compared to other kids her age.  I’m hoping to get her in gymnastics again this spring because I feel like that really helped her at least catch up a bit with her peers.

The one thing that I simply cannot believe is her language development.  All of a sudden we went from short little sentences to being able to have full fledged conversations with her.  I can talk to her on the phone in the evenings now if I’m not home and she can tell me exactly what she’s done all day and what she’s been doing.  She asks a ton of questions and seems to understand the answers we give her.  We can already tell she is going to be a smart little girl.  I know, every parent says that.  But, she is able to infer things at 3 years old that I don’t think my middle schoolers could!  Ha!  OK, that’s a bit exaggerated, but she’s making connections to things that seem very advanced for her.  I am absolutely loving talking to her and can’t wait to see how much more advanced her speech and language get as she continues to grow.


Oh, my sweet little girl, I just can’t believe how big you have gotten and how much you have learned these past 3 years.  You are the reason I wake up every morning.  I love you always and forever!

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