apple picking + back to running

I feel like I am a pretty well-versed St. Louisan, meaning there isn’t too many things in St. Louis I haven’t done.  I’ve done all the big things St. Louis has to offer:  the arch, City Museum, Science Center, Zoo, etc.  But, there was one thing I haven’t done yet:  go to Eckert’s Farm.

I finally had my chance yesterday to celebrate my mom’s birthday with my family.  We met up with my parents and took the Grafton Ferry boat over from St. Charles to Illinois.  Check that one off the list too – I’ve done a ferry boat before, but never the Grafton Ferry.  Kenna loved it, even though it was a little cold.



We made it to Eckert’s and had to wait in line before loading up the tractor that took us to the apple orchard.  We were able to pick some absolutely delicious Golden Delicious apples.  I’m sort of an apple snob – Fuji are my favorite and I typically shy away from anything not red.  But, these were absolutely some of the best apples I’ve ever had!  Kenna + Matt picked a couple pounds worth while Miles slept in the Ergo and I took pictures.




We bypassed picking pumpkins (we’re hoping to go to another local pumpkin patch in the next few weeks) and headed back to purchase our apples.  I took a few more pictures and then Gigi + Pawpaw let Kenna and Braden jump in the bounce house.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing we will have one at Kenna’s birthday in a few weeks because both kids were pissed they had to get out.




We then headed to the Loading Dock for lunch and drinks before heading back home.  It was a great afternoon – and the bonus is I have apples to eat all week!

In other workout news, guess who’s running again?!  OK, so I told you last week, but I ended up running 3 days last week – with NO pain!  Saturday was my longest run of 2 miles, but it felt awesome!  My chiropractor even asked if he was working on the right foot this weekend because it felt so much better.  I head to the physical therapist today, so here’s hoping a good report to really get back in to training.

Not much else to report workout-wise though.  Only 2 more weeks until Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis – thankfully now I feel like I’ll actually be running it.  Not looking for a PR (I don’t even know what mine is right now) but I’ll be happy to be running a fun race + be a VIP for it too!  Woohoo!

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things i’m loving lately (+ one i’m not so much)

How about another round of things I’m loving lately to end the week, shall we?

All. The. Pumpkin.  You’re so surprised, I know, right?!  But seriously.  Best. Season/Month. Ever!  I look forward to fall every year, not just because it’s my birthday and the best running weather (we’ll get to that), but because pumpkin is back in season!  I’ve already tried just about every pumpkin beer there is out there, and now I’m on a quest to find and eat all the pumpkin.  Right now, I think Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s are my favorite, but Pumpkin Oreos and Pumpkin Puffins cereal are pretty gosh darn good too.


Podcasts.  I’m not new to podcasts but I always struggle to find one that I really enjoy.  A few weeks ago, I listened to John + Sherry Petersik from Young House Love on the Lively Show on my way home from work and realized how much I enjoy listening to podcasts in the car.  So, after I finished that episode (if you’re a fan, it’s definitely worth a listen), I decided I wanted to start listening to podcasts more in the car, so I started listening to Serial.  And I’m addicted.  It’s SO good – I made Matt listen to it while we painted Kenna’s room last weekend.  And now he’s making me wait until our next trip to Branson to keep listening.  Ugh.

FALL!  It’s finally fall weather in Missouri.  FINALLY.  I’ve been waiting for this weather for weeks now and it looks like it is finally going to consistently be in the 60s and 70s now!  Again, best season ever!  I’m looking forward to bonfires, sweaters, boots, and…


Running!  That’s right, folks.  You heard me right.  I’m LOVING running!  After 2 weeks off, I actually have gone on 2 runs now with little to no pain!  Say what?!  I decided to try running a few days ago, and sure enough, I felt pretty great.  I made sure to stretch afterwards, and had a little tightness, but it felt nice to actually be running again, and just working out in general.  More on that next week though.

And the one thing I’m not loving so much…

Subconjuctival Hemorrhage.  Otherwise known as the nasty bloody eye that people randomly get.  I noticed my eye looked really bad on Sunday but didn’t think much of it.  Until when kids started asking me what happened to my eye on Monday.  Then I knew something was definitely wrong with it.  Since then, it has progressively gotten worse.  It doesn’t hurt and there is no puss or anything, but it looks terrible.  It’s literally red in every part of my eye except the inside.  Ugh.  I’m hoping it starts to look better by the end of the weekend because I’m totally trying to avoid a trip to the opthamalogist.

What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat right now?  Any good podcast suggestions?

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injury rehab

Well, I went to the orthopedic doctor on Monday afternoon.  Right after my foot started hurting really bad, I asked some of my PT + ATC friends on Facebook for local doctor recommendations.  I had one in mind that Matt had gone to several years ago, but wanted to see if there were some other doctors professionals recommended, especially for runners.  One of my friends recommended the doctor for the Cardinals, which was really appealing since I knew he worked with athletes, but when my former boss recommended the doctor I had in my head, I was sold.

I got to my appointment, filled out all the necessary paperwork and insurance information, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally I was taken back for x-rays.  Does anyone else have issues with x-rays?  I don’t mind them, but I always overthink the whole not moving while they take the x-ray part and feel like I just have to move.  They took pictures of my foot in 4 different angles and then took my to my room.  Where I did a lot more waiting.  I was tempted to lay down on the table and take a nap, but I figured that probably wasn’t the best first impression.

The doctor was awesome!  Very down to earth and easy to talk to.  And did I mention, he’s a runner as well.  So he gets it.  And by it, I mean the urge to need to run and run through injuries because you just can’t stop.  #runnerproblems  He asked me when it started hurting, which I almost totally had forgotten about up until that point.  I had a few issues over the summer, but after a week off, quickly went away.  However, one night MacKenna was up in the middle of the night, and I was walking her back to her room, I felt a pop in my foot.  It wasn’t necessarily painful and didn’t swell, but I know that’s when this really started to both me.  I was back to running in compression socks daily until it got to the point where running didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t walk afterward.


He was surprised when I said there was no swelling after the pop in my foot, but there is a decent bump on my heel at the site of my pain.  He poked around a little bit and tested the strength in my ankle and toes.  We looked at my x-ray and he pointed out a few things.  I didn’t feel like the x-ray is necessary, but plantar fasciitis can lead to heel spurs, so at that point, I was thankful there was nothing of concern (heel spur, stress fracture) on the x-ray.

The recommended treatment:  physical therapy to work on my strength and flexibility.  I mean, I surely can’t be surprised because those have been the things I have really been lacking on since I’ve bumped up my mileage while training for RnR Chicago and RnR St. Louis.  While he still said I can’t run until I go see the physical therapist (ugh, another full week off), the good news is he said I absolutely needed to be exercising (THANK THE LORD!) so I could be in shape to run RnR St. Louis!  He thinks that with the right treatment of strength, flexibility, and lots + lots of ice (he recommended NSAIDS but I’m allergic to ibuprofen), I should easily be running again.


I have to admit, the time off has definitely helped.  As much as I hate it, I know it’s exactly what I needed before this really got out of hand.  I’m hoping the PT will help me manage the pain a little bit better and give me better ways to stretch.  I guess I’m over the whole not stretching thing.  I HATE doing it – it’s such a time suck to this Type A girl – but it’s obviously going to help keep these stupid little injuries at bay.  I’m ready to run again and hopefully won’t be sidelined too much longer.

Oh, and the last thing the doctor said to me before walking out the door:  “You know how this happened, right?  You’re 30.”  *sigh*  Birthday month officially begins tomorrow – let’s hope things look a little brighter at 31…

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